The All New God Journey Site

All new!  Still free!

If you haven’t visited The God Journey website for awhile, now would be a good time.  Brad is back as co-host and we have a full re-design of the website and the podcast to update the look.  Still the same conversations, with new artwork and imagery and it’s still free!

Brad and I continue to explore our journeys and invite others along for the ride. We’re always blessed by the email we receive from people who are encouraged, challenged, or enlightened out of our conversations and thoughts about the journey.

New episodes post on Fridays. There are 532 shows in the archive. Every where I go people tell me how much my weekly conversations with Brad, others, or myself has helped to bring freedom and joy to their journey. We even included on the new page a list of some of the sweet things people have said or written about the podcast.  I’ll also include them here:

“I don’t think you realize what a lifeline the podcasts have been.”
“You articulate what I am feeling. Somehow I don’t feel alone when I listen to you and Brad talk.”
“Your conversations are like a cool breeze on a hot day.”
“It’s simply two real guys talking about life…”
“Keep slinging that freedom all over the place.”
“My entire outlook on life has changed overnight! My life has Life again!”
“The podcasts also gave me language and an eye to see what God was doing inside me.”
“Your compassion for both God and his children is refreshing and honest.”
“Yours is a sane voice in a crazy world.”

Who would have thought when we began recording our conversations 11 years ago, that it would have gone on this long and been helpful to so many?  We are blessed by the continued encouragement we get to record conversations that Brad and I find so joyful even if they were not.

3 thoughts on “The All New God Journey Site”

  1. I love the new format. I “Amen” all that was commented on previously. The podcast truly inspires me every time I listen. I’m one of those – I have listened to them all more than once (plus everything on Lifestream) – love Friday morning when they post. There have been so many on both that have helped me tremendously. It is so refreshing to hear you, Brad and others reconfirm the grace and freedom we have in Christ. Such a wonderful journey now!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the website, it is quite a change. I like the wide open spaces, with fields that look ‘white unto harvest.’
    I’m very thankful that somewhere around 2010 I got back in touch with someone I had known from a previous period in time of fellowshipping with folk, who derived from several denominational backgrounds, that met together seeking to learn more about walking with Father, Son, and Spirit. Through that contact, I was encouraged to check out some resources, of which The God Journey was one. I was at a tender/sensitive time in my life, trying to make sense of a whole lot of things and challenged to the max regarding my faith. Listening to the podcasts helped in gaining or regaining composure, especially when the words spoken echoed thoughts and feelings I had pondered throughout my life. I really appreciate that you two decided to let others eavesdrop on your conversations and that you engaged in slinging freedom everywhere.
    With much love and appreciation.

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