More from Kenya

I got this from the office staff where we have been sending funds into Kenya. They also sent pictures, which I will include below:

I want to send my beloved greetings from our fellow brothers here. I would like to report that all support you have sent has helped our people in great measure.

First we supported those with basic needs especially who have camped in our main church. They are 27 families with a big number of children. Second, we distributed to each family in order for them to use for their personal issues and Third, we bought a big number of mats and blankets, and maize. I will be compiling the reports and Michael has given me the permission to send for every issue how the shillings are used and I was supposed to send the report to you yesterday but there is a brother who we have been taking care of in the hospital passed away yesterday morning.

So yesterday we were so busy to trace the relatives because his home was destroyed and people were scattered and Michael had not reported in the office, he was in the hospital until evening working out the treatment of the body and other things to know where he will be buried and the costs of the burial. We expected him in the service but he was not. So we shall meet him tomorrow to know the progress.

Attached are the pictures for one of the group apart from 4 groups which went to different places because we formed 5 groups of ministering the word and serving the brothers and sisters. So your help has really covered a lot. Although we are believing God for other mats, blankets and some food, our office is working out and requesting our fellow brothers here to help our brothers who are affected with clothes and other basic needs.

Send our regards to those who’ve helped. Tell them that we are happy for what they are doing and the Lord will reward them in their work. Today we held hands to pray for the peace for this country. I know you are feeling for us and God is faithful. Since I was born, I have never seen, but it is my first time to see thousands of people to camp as refugees in their country. Let us join hands and pray for the restoration of peace. We still request that continue standing with us because the needs are increasing time to time.