Words of Thanks from Kenya

This is from Brother Michael, my friend in Kenya:

We would like to say thank you and thank you let our Almighty God bless you for having a Godly and caring heart. The Lord has given you the same love and I would like to say your books have changed the whole of my life with entire team especially Authentic Relationships and He Loves Me.

Since this violence occurred, as you know we have a wider ministry across the country so I have been encouraging our people to trust in God and to love one another. This also has made our fellow brethren to come closer to God because in Kenya, we have only heard about war, but it had never happened here. Yesterday I visited brothers and sisters and thousands of people who have camped in the market place I felt that it is good to trust in the Lord.

Since this began, I am experiencing to know the hearts of our fellow brethren and some have done wonderful we have been collecting sacks of clothes and some utensils to support our brothers. Our team also has been going every area to comfort and to share with the true gospel. Many people were responding to the Lord. So today in the morning, after I took the money, we have formed around 5 groups , in this 5 groups will be carrying the needs to the needy and in the same group were making evangelism through the gospel of love. Yesterday , they came with excellent report for those who are converted to the Lord.

(We are taking the quotes from your book) and we are making hundreds of copies and it is the easier way of making an evangelism. In my group, I went with a team of 3 people with mats, blankets, maize and other necessary things and we had a wonderful time to share with our fellow brethren. And 8 people were converted and we prayed also to the sick then we finalized with distributing what we carried. I will meet with the team in the evening today to get the feedback. Today we bought 250 mats, 400 blankets, 15 bags of maize and 2 bags of sugar, which we divided for 5 groups. Really, people appreciated and I shared with them that this the help from the brethren from oversees who has sacrificed that they may extend their love to you. I will send the pictures soon.

May the Lord bless you so much as we stay connected.

This is so cool. Your generosity with people in Kenya, has spilled over into their generosity with people in the area and it has become an occasion for God to be known in the earth. I’m gobsmacked! My heart explodes in joy and praise to our Father for making himself known, and in gratefulness to all of you who have shared with us in partnering with our brothers and sisters in Kenya. Isn’t this fun?

To date almost $5,000.00 has been sent to us by so many of you! I am so full and blessed today to have watched this go on. I have no idea if we’ll need more, or how much we will need, so this is not an appeal; it is just a report. If God puts it on your heart to give you’re still welcome to do so, for this or for other groups we know caught in this crisis in Kenya.

And pray, today. Government officials are meeting today with representatives from the U.S. and the U.K. to find a solution for the disputed election and end the violence there. Let’s pray for their peace and for some real answers to the tribal animosities that boil beneath the surface.

I love you guys!!!!!