“Living Loved” With Wayne Jacobsen

During my recent sojourn around North Carolina, Tami Rumfelt, a local radio DJ asked me to do an interview for her podcast audience about what it means to live loved, and how we get distracted from doing that by our religious performance.  This interview provides a good overview of my passion to help people discover that God wants to meet us in our brokenness and lead us into the fullness of his life.   You can listen to the interview here.

Tami described the interview on her website this way:  

Does God really love me, even though I am a mess? Am I lovely to Him? How can the God that wiped out humanity in Noah’s time be the same one who “Loved the world so much he sent his only Son to die for us”? How can I have relationship with Jesus when I just can’t believe in my heart that he really likes me?

Have you struggled with these questions? I certainly have. Listen in as Wayne Jacobsen offers his thoughts about “living loved”.