Lifestream Podcast Feed Finally Fixed

Unfortunately when we converted to our new website in March, our feeds for my blog at Lifestream got lost, or were not connected properly.  That has been a nightmare for all of us, especially for those of you lost feeds to the various ways you subscribed to the blog.  I apologize for that and the five months it has taken to get them fixed.  But the good news today is that they are all fixed.   

Now you can subscribe to the Lifestream blog by RSS feed, delivered to your Kindle, by email, or at iTunes when there is audio included.

We have fixed the iTunes feed so all of the Transitions and The Jesus Lens recordings are there, as well as the audio versions of Engage that we have currently released.  When new episodes of Engage are released, it will be included there as well.  These are the best audio/video tools we offer to help people connect with a vibrant relationship to Jesus.  They are, and have always been available free of charge to anyone who wants help in their journey of living in the reality of Jesus:  


We also include audio on the blog when new recordings of Wayne’s are avaiable either when he’s speaking somewhere or appears on someone else’s podcast.