Koinonia Cultivators

Our latest edition of The God Journey entitled Koinonia Cultivators has just been posted on our sister website thegodjourney.com.

Wayne and Brad follow-up last week’s podcast on Koinonia Killers by responding to some of the comments and concerns that were sent in after the show. It gives them a chance to focus on those things that lead to deeper fellowship and greater life in him and how we can love those who we are not always drawn to easily. It’s really about unlocking the treasure God has put in all of us and which sin and shame have twisted and distorted.

If you’d like to post comments or questions about this show, please do so on the God Journey Blog so that others can read them there as well. Thanks! I know it is sometimes easier to respond here, but then others on that website don’t get to interact with your comments or questions. Thanks!

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