Going Live at 1:00 pm Pacific Time Today

I’m not sure what I’m getting into here, but I was invited by Bill Hale to appear on his radio show on the Liberty Works Radio Network this afternoon, starting at 1:00 Pacific Time (4:00 Eastern). They wanted to talk about my life, The Shack, and my past work with Bridgebuilders, so it should be a wide-ranging conversation. They asked if it was OK to get into some controversial stuff, and I told them it was fine with me. So I have no idea where this will go. You can listen along here if you like.

But first, this morning, I’m doing some recording with Brad for future shows of The God Journey. So I will be doing my share of talking today.

We’ve been inundated with orders for He Loves Me after reducing the price to $9.00 for those who wanted copies. That will continue for another week if you want to get in on it. I’ve also had many people write me to let me know that So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore was their favorite book, so maybe we’ll have to do something there down the road. I’m always glad to get these books out further in the world and help others discover the joy of a living relationship with a gracious Abba.

4 thoughts on “Going Live at 1:00 pm Pacific Time Today”

  1. Wow… that must have a ride of a conversation for you!!! In two hours you had to sum up your whole life journey. Good thing he gave you some breaks in between. It was an amazing conversation. I enjoyed listening to it. So different from the Up for Debate interviews. This one didn’t seem like an ambush. This seemed genuine from the heart conversation. That is what I got out of it. Would like to hear it again, there was so much to take in.

    Ruby from Calmar

  2. I too, enjoyed listening to the interview. Thanks for the invite! You could tell he was a lawyer from the line of questioning, but it seemed more for the benefit of an audience that probably isn’t familiar with you, than an interrogation. You seemed pretty relaxed toward the second half, asking his co-host to chime in, as it became apparent there was a level of understanding among you. Generally for a, dare I say, ultra-conservative audience, as I perused the list of hosts on the network and was familar with a few of them, who may actually consider you as part of the apostate (lol)! But in the end you had nothing to worry about. Great job!

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