Four More Days…

I’ve often said that I won’t write a more significant book in my life than He Loves Me. That content is what changed the trajectory of my life from trying to appease God by my hard work and commitment, to learning how I could live inside the affection the Father already had for me.

Unfortunately many people look at the title and think they already know that. I’ve had so many tell me they hadn’t read it for years even though someone gave them a copy, but when they finally did they realized the huge difference between the knowledge of God’s love and actually living in that love. They sang about it in Sunday school and theologically the idea that God is love was cemented into their doctrine. It’s just that they never learned to live as if he really did, so they lived captive to fear, shame, and frustration.

I used to gauge God’s love by how well the circumstances in my life pleased me. If things were good, “He loves me!” When circumstances turned dark or difficult, “He loves me not.” I was constantly batted between those two conclusion, spending most of my time in the he-loves-me-not crowd.  All that changed 23 years ago and what Sara and I have experienced since has fulfilled every hope and desire we had for what life in Christ was meant to be and we could live alongside others in that same joy. No, life hasn’t gone easily since then. We’ve known some very dark and painful places, but we’ve never been alone in them. We’ve been able to find our way into the reality of his love and follow him however haltingly through those things in a way that endeared us to him and transformed us in the process. We love what that keeps shaping in our lives individually and in our lives together.

Here’s my (and many others) favorite quote in the book:

The friendship Jesus shared with his disciples was the model for the relationship he extends to you. He wants to be the voice that steers you through every situation, the peace that sets your heart at rest in trouble, and the power that holds you up in the storm. He wants to be closer than your dearest friend and more faithful than any other person you’ve ever known.

I know it sounds preposterous. How can mere humans enjoy such a friendship with the Almighty God who created with a word all that we see? Do I dare think that he would know and care about the details of my life? Isn’t it presumptuous to even imagine that this God would take delight in me, even though I still struggle with the failures of my flesh?

It would be so if this were not his idea. He’s the one who offered to be your loving Father—sharing life with you in ways no earthly father ever could.

For four more days you can order this book for $9.00 per copy. Yes, that’s cheaper than even the bulk price when people order ten. You can order as many as you like at that price and I hope you find it helpful in your own journey as well as a blessing to share with friends and family.

He Loves Me is also available in Spanish for $8.00 and in audio as read by me, either in CDs, or by digital downloads from iTunes or Audibles.


PS: I’ll be leaving Thursday for my east coast swing through Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If you want to catch up with me there you can get the details here.

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  1. My life came to a sudden halt six years ago when diagnosed with multiple myeloma which had destroyed my kidneys. On a dialysis machine for 7 hours, three days a week l had to truly know there is a God that loves me. I cannot run around silly trying to please God anymore. Two years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through hurdles of treatment. Reading this book and also So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore has changed our lives. I can rest in the Father’s love.
    Would be wonderful to see you in Australia.

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