Conversations About the Law and Freedom

This week I was back on the set of A Christian and A Muslim Walk into a Studio for a conversation with Bob and Ermza about the Law and how Jews, Christians, and Muslims look at this differently.  The episode is called A Follow-up Conversation With Wayne Jacobsen. I loved the conversation and think we not only unpacked things we view in common, but also the differences we have between us. One of the most revealing aspects for me is how Muslims view the Bible in line with the Quran.  Their final revelation from God comes in that book, and thus they judge everything in the Old Testament and New Testament by how it is interpreted in that book. Thus, they don’t have a lot of regard for Paul’s teaching and why they end up seeking to attain grace through law.  It’s a fascinating discussion and one that also reveals how much hope Muslims put in mercy and compassion as well.  It’s also lengthy… about an hour and twenty-two minutes.  What can I say? We were exploring some big issues.

Also, I recorded a podcast a few months ago with Jared Gustafson that is just airing now on New Nature’s Podcast.  It’s called Slinging Freedom Everywhere with Wayne Jacobsen.  We talk about moving from religious obligation to an intimate and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We talk about how to embrace the dynamics of a growing relationship over trying to conform ourselves to God’s expectations by our own will and performance.  I hope you find it helpful. It’s shorter, only 48 minutes.

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  1. Wayne:

    Okay… Another Podcast is added to my subscriptions.

    I am so enjoying the conversations between Bob Pratter and Emad Meerza. Except for when they talk at the same time.. that gets overwhelming for my brain to listen to. But overall, it is enlightening and educational. I watched the last conversation y’all had and even through it was long, it was eye opening for me.

    It is hard for me to understand the attraction to a lawful life and religious obligation now that I understand the beauty of God indwelling my life. But I respect and admire Emad’s passion and conviction and am glad to here there are Muslims who understand peace as a way of life.

    I believe that our religions and our twisted theologies don’t change the identity of our Creator. So when Emad says we have the same God. I agree with him. One God, One Creator, Billions of people with billions of beliefs. Who I am doesn’t change because of how little someone knows me. Maybe It even endears me to get closer and let them get to know me. Is God any less endearing and willing for us to get to know Him? I think not.

    I also got the feeling that both Bob and Emad were defensive in their communication. And I have felt that listening to their other podcasts. That might explain the temperature of their conversation. I don’t get the headache when I listen to the GJ podcasts. You and Brad seem to converse with less defensiveness. But maybe because you are closer to being on the same page. I am hoping those two grow out of the need for a Cowboys interjection. It is very enjoyable to hear what they have to share.

    I am learning now that listening is okay. I don’t have to correct, or agree with the other person… but I come away blessed because I shared in someone’s story.

    Ruby from Calmar, Alberta

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