Our Day Will Come

It sure did! But that doesn’t mean there weren’t bumps along the way. Last week as part of the Ventura Star Storyteller Project, I shared a story from the earliest days of Sara and I getting to know each [...]

The Security of Father’s Love

This is a companion piece to He Loves Me! and will show you how God’s wants you live every day confident in his love for you. Through Paul’s teaching in Romans 8, you will see how God’s love for [...]

The Relationship God Wants With You

Part 1 – Revelation Not Routine Download Audio Discussion Time - 1 Download Audio Part 2 - Inside Out, Not Outside In Download Audio Discussion Time - 2 Download Audio Part 3 - His Work, Not Ours Download Audio Discussion Time - 3

Abiding In The Vine

A companion to Wayne’s books on the vineyard, as he deals with God’s promises for a fruitful life and how we engage him to see those promises become a reality.

Seasons In The Vineyard

This teaching Wayne did when he first wrote The Vineyard and traces the development of fruit through the four seasons and how those correspond to God’s work in our own lives to lead us to fruitfulness. This has not [...]

Letting Jesus Take Shape In You

One of God’s greatest gifts is reordering our inner life so that we can live in the world as he did. Find out how he can accomplish this incredible work in you and then share his life through you [...]

Thinking Outside The Box

This is a frank look at thinking outside the box of traditional religious structures. Whether you attend one regularly or not, your view of the Body of Christ will be enhanced by seeing the church in its relational reality, [...]

The Heart Of Relational Church

This series examines four ingredients that are critical to determine whether a group of people is truly sharing God’s life together, or simply practicing the illusion of it with religion. Drawn from themes in the book of I John, [...]

Learning to Live Loved: Part One

This is part one of a two-part, lengthy interview done with some documentary filmmakers in Indiana. We spent an hour and twenty minutes by a campfire, on a late summer’s evening, talking about my life and writings, and learning [...]

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