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The Puppy and the Garden

It’s one of my all-time favorite stories, of Sara, her garden, and our new pup Zoey from three years ago. I’ve shared it all over the world, and even in a former blog post. But it showed up recently in an interview I’d done quite a while ago in a new video produced by Loren Rosser for Stephen Crosby. It’s called Life in The New Covenant – Part 2 – “Christ in You (us all)”. I asked permission to take out this snippet so those of you who hadn’t yet heard me tell the story, might enjoy it as well. The visuals in this video have been changed from the original to include photos of Zoey and Sara’s garden.

It all illustrates a powerful point:  We will not be transformed by the Father until we know him well enough to rest in his love.


If you cannot see the window above, use this link:

Our Day Will Come

It sure did!

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t bumps along the way. Last week as part of the Ventura Star Storyteller Project, I shared a story from the earliest days of Sara and I getting to know each other. It has now been posted online.

You can view the video here!

It’s a great reminder that love grows in the light, not where assumptions, guesses, and suspicions are allowed to run riot. I’m glad our relationship survived this blip, and we’ve been able to celebrate it for almost 43 years thereafter.

I hope you enjoy it

The Security of Father's Love [Audio] by Wayne Jacobsen

The Security of Father’s Love

The Security of Father's Love [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenThis is a companion piece to He Loves Me! and will show you how God’s wants you live every day confident in his love for you. Through Paul’s teaching in Romans 8, you will see how God’s love for you is all he needs to set you free from the bondage of sin, to carry you through the most difficult circumstances and to free you to touch others with God’s power.

The Father's Delight [Audio] by Wayne Jacobsen

Living In The Father’s Delight

Living In The Father's Delight [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenA study in 2 Timothy regarding how we live in a gospel of grace in a church world that seeks to be justified by works.

The Relationship God Wants With You

The Relationship God Wants With You [Audio] by Wayne Jacobsen

Seasons In The Vineyard

Seasons In The Vineyard [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenThis teaching Wayne did when he first wrote The Vineyard and traces the development of fruit through the four seasons and how those correspond to God’s work in our own lives to lead us to fruitfulness. This has not been available for awhile because of tape problems, but we were able to resurrect it using digital technology.

Letting Jesus Take Shape In You [Audio] by Wayne Jacobsen

Letting Jesus Take Shape In You

Letting Jesus Take Shape In You [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenOne of God’s greatest gifts is reordering our inner life so that we can live in the world as he did. Find out how he can accomplish this incredible work in you and then share his life through you in ways you never dreamed.

Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside The Box [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenThis is a frank look at thinking outside the box of traditional religious structures. Whether you attend one regularly or not, your view of the Body of Christ will be enhanced by seeing the church in its relational reality, not as an institution. This series was recorded in an open conversation with people from a former congregation in Sacramento, CA that has been transitioning to a more relational life together as they are still sorting out the process.

The Heart of the Relational Church

The Heart Of Relational Church

The Heart of Relational Church [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenThis series examines four ingredients that are critical to determine whether a group of people is truly sharing God’s life together, or simply practicing the illusion of it with religion. Drawn from themes in the book of I John, here are some of the motivations we need if we’re going to be an encouragement to others on the journey.

Learning to Live Loved: Part One

This is part one of a two-part, lengthy interview done with some documentary filmmakers in Indiana. We spent an hour and twenty minutes by a campfire, on a late summer’s evening, talking about my life and writings, and learning to live loved.

Jesus Lens Videos Now On-Line

I continue to be blessed by the responses I’m getting to the Jesus Lens audio that we released a few weeks ago on the Lifestream Currents Podcast. Some people love it and it has helped them read the Scriptures with joy and clarity they have not known before. Others are struggling through it, knowing that it doesn’t match the way many of us were taught to read the Scriptures. All in all I am excited that people are reconsidering the power and place of the Scriptures in their own lives and are re-connecting with this powerful resource that will help us know Jesus and his Father better.

I know many people have been loaded up with religious ways of reading Scriptures that brings guilt and condemnation. But that’s what we have added to it to distort its power and simplicity. When you understand the story of how God made himself known in the world, you’ll never again see it through the religious spin that obligates you with fear and guilt to follow principles. Instead you’ll let it equip you to listen to Jesus and follow him with joy.

Today we get to announce the opening of our newest web page, Here the videos have been posted on-line for free viewing by those who prefer the video to the audio. Also you can download study guides, Powerpoint slides, and further resources to help you engage Scripture as an active part of your own spiritual life. You can also order the DVDs through Lifestream from that site as well.

I hope it helps you recapture the wonder of God’s revelation of himself over human history until it culminates in the Jesus himself!