The Puppy and the Garden

It’s one of my all-time favorite stories, of Sara, her garden, and our new pup Zoey from three years ago. I’ve shared it all over the world, and even in a former blog post. But it showed up recently in an interview I’d done quite a while ago in a new video produced by Loren Rosser for Stephen Crosby. It’s called Life in The New Covenant – Part 2 – “Christ in You (us all)”. I asked permission to take out this snippet so those of you who hadn’t yet heard me tell the story, might enjoy it as well. The visuals in this video have been changed from the original to include photos of Zoey and Sara’s garden.

It all illustrates a powerful point:  We will not be transformed by the Father until we know him well enough to rest in his love.


If you cannot see the window above, use this link:

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