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Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside The Box [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenThis is a frank look at thinking outside the box of traditional religious structures. Whether you attend one regularly or not, your view of the Body of Christ will be enhanced by seeing the church in its relational reality, not as an institution. This series was recorded in an open conversation with people from a former congregation in Sacramento, CA that has been transitioning to a more relational life together as they are still sorting out the process.

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Sharing The Journey – Cultivating Healthy Relationships with Other Believers

The Heart of the Relational Church [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenDrawn from Romans 14-15, here is some help in learning how to love God’s people freely, without manipulating or being manipulated by them.

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The Heart Of Relational Church

The Heart of Relational Church [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenThis series examines four ingredients that are critical to determine whether a group of people is truly sharing God’s life together, or simply practicing the illusion of it with religion. Drawn from themes in the book of I John, here are some of the motivations we need if we’re going to be an encouragement to others on the journey.

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Jesus Lens Videos Now On-Line

I continue to be blessed by the responses I’m getting to the Jesus Lens audio that we released a few weeks ago on the Lifestream Currents Podcast. Some people love it and it has helped them read the Scriptures with joy and clarity they have not known before. Others are struggling through it, knowing that it doesn’t match the way many of us were taught to read the Scriptures. All in all I am excited that people are reconsidering the power and place of the Scriptures in their own lives and are re-connecting with this powerful resource that will help us know Jesus and his Father better.

I know many people have been loaded up with religious ways of reading Scriptures that brings guilt and condemnation. But that’s what we have added to it to distort its power and simplicity. When you understand the story of how God made himself known in the world, you’ll never again see it through the religious spin that obligates you with fear and guilt to follow principles. Instead you’ll let it equip you to listen to Jesus and follow him with joy.

Today we get to announce the opening of our newest web page, Here the videos have been posted on-line for free viewing by those who prefer the video to the audio. Also you can download study guides, Powerpoint slides, and further resources to help you engage Scripture as an active part of your own spiritual life. You can also order the DVDs through Lifestream from that site as well.

I hope it helps you recapture the wonder of God’s revelation of himself over human history until it culminates in the Jesus himself!

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