Be Warned

the_shackI’ve got some things I’ve been trying to write for this blog space, but have been too busy yet to get them done. I am thrilled, however, that The Shack is out and people are having so much fun with it.

And I like how compelling it is for people who just see the cover or hear about it from someone else. Someone I was with in Kansas City recently just sent this to me:

I am almost done with The Shack, I will finish it tonight. Two things I am learning about reading The Shack in public places.

1) People will always ask you what you are reading and what it is about. So don’t expect to get a lot of reading done. Do, expect many interruptions and some fantastic conversations.

2) People do not understand why you are crying your eyes out while you are reading the book.

This book should come with a warning:

Warning: This book will change your heart. Read at your own risk!

I also found out that a well-known TV actress received a copy the other day. A friend of mine was with her and she was lamenting the lack of quality, thought-provoking writing from serious Christians today. My friend asked her to wait a moment, went to his car and pulled out a copy of THE SHACK to give her. I hope she reads it!

Oh, and one more…

I finished The Shack late Monday. It has really been working on me, kind of like your books! I already can see reading it again sometime if I can pry it out of someone else’s hands… And I find myself going back to various scenes with the God-characters in my mind. Very unlike many movies or TV shows that I promptly forget, and could even watch again and not know what was going to happen. This book definitely got under my skin, in a very good way. All the experiences with God really has given me heightened attentiveness to how God comes to me, in my life. Thank you for turning us on to this book!

You can order your copies here.