Order Before the Postage Rates Go Up!

The thanks just keep rolling in… We were finally able to get The Shack into people’s hands in the last few weeks and have been blessed by the comments we’re hearing from people who are reading it. Some are reading it in less than a day, as I did in my first read, but also realize there is so much more to go back and mine in subsequent readings.

If you want to order your copy, you might get it done this week. Postage rates (both domestic and international) rise significantly next week and our shipping costs will have to increase accordingly. That goes for all other other books and CDs as well. Gosh, I hate how postage keeps rising while their service diminishes. (And for all you postal workers out there, please don’t take that personally!)

Here are some of the comments I’ve been getting from people about The Shack:

From a 18 year old in California: “I loved it. It kept catching me off guard. I never expected anything to turn out as it did.”

From Kent in Missouri: “The main story was so compelling the first time through I just couldn’t put it down. The second time through, what I would call the hiddeness of the book just grabbed me. The third time something new and different. When you get it into your hands, I encourage you to read it many times. This is not a one-time read and it will be forever a part of who I am.”

From Jim in Washington: “I just breezed through the best Christian fiction book I have ever read over this weekend. It is called The Shack, by William P. Young. The book is heavy-laden with meaning, with the power of forgiveness, and with focus on the real meaning of life.

From Rick in Tennesse: All I can say is WOW! It is a bit unbelievable that y’all were able to put all this into one book (and I’m just now getting to chapter 13). I can’t begin right now to tell you my story, but suffice it to say, this book has poured gasoline on the fire that burns inside me for just a loving relationship with Father. I have listened to you and Brad now for a couple of years, but Father has been lovin’ me into freedom for a long time, I’m just now beginning to see what He has been doing (I am a stubborn old, or rather young, sheep). Thank you for all that you have done with the podcasts, the transitions series, the Jake book. Father has truly used them to show me that I really never knew Him. But now I see Jesus…

Awesome! I love what this little book has done to engage people with God and help share him with others. We’ve heard from people who have found it very easy to talk about this book with others and to give them a copy, even if they aren’t believers. It is THAT kind of book.

On a related note, Brad and I will be interviewing the author for our 5/18 podcast. If you have any thing you’d like me to ask him, please send email me today.