Any Questions for Luis?

Putting My Friend Luis together as a podcast has truly been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. However, my friendship with Luis is the greater gift here. We continue to share God’s life together as we walk with each other through the twists and turns of life. Doing so continues to open up new vistas in my own God Journey.

Sharing it with the world and interacting with those who that story has touched makes me so grateful God dropped this serendipitous experience into my life. Here’s an example I received in the last week:

By the way, I loved the “My Friend Luis” podcast!  I’m listening again with my husband now because I want to start giving to him and we make those decision together. I believe all that Luis went through and how God was there for him because I know in so many ways God was there for me growing up through all the difficulties I endured until the day I met him!

My husband and I are realizing how extremely different and difficult people’s lives are in Mexico from ours here in the U.S.  While we think we have it bad at times, there is absolutely no comparison! We can become so rigid in our religious and political beliefs of what we think is “right” but this has helped us discover that what we think is right may not be right at all in God’s eyes.  It’s like you’ve mentioned before, when you start getting to know God’s character, you start seeing things differently.  I keep telling my hubby we aren’t from this kingdom, remember!  God can and will do whatever he wants, and I’m so very grateful for that.

For those of you who have already heard the podcast, I know you’re anxiously awaiting a future update, especially because Raphael returned to meet with Luis one evening in April. Unfortunately, we had completed the podcast by then, so it wasn’t part of the original story. However, we will do at least two additional podcasts to do justice to this new part of the story since it isn’t only about Raphael’s return but also why he returned.

We have tried to record, but the timing has just not been right. Before his appearance, Luis came over one day to share a harrowing experience from his childhood that he did not include in the original story. I’d never heard it before, and we have spent hours processing it and the incredible pain it has been to Luis’ journey. To help Luis work through that pain is why Raphael returned. The painful part isn’t ready to be shared yet, but we’re hopeful it will be in the next few weeks. With that context, you’ll see how Raphael’s return has brought a new climax to the My Friend Luis Story. It will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, Luis and I want to share some of our experiences making and releasing this story. So, for those who have listened to it, if you have any observations from listening to our story or questions you would like to pose to either of us, please email them to me. We will record that podcast soon and would love to include your thoughts or questions for him or me. We’ll try to work in as many as we can.

On a personal note, tomorrow Sara and I will begin the two-day drive home from Denver, where we’ve been spending some wonderful time with our son. It has been a welcome respite in the midst of some difficult circumstances and the challenging direction God seems to be asking of us. His ways are always right, even though they are rarely easy.

5 thoughts on “Any Questions for Luis?”

  1. Would it be possible to put together a time line of events discussed in My Friend Luis? The podcasts aren’t strictly chronological and a time line would be helpful.

  2. I would like Luis to clarify about his Mother and siblings moving to California. When, how etc.
    The first episode tells of his return after taking a car to Mexico for his mamma. Then, I was surprised to hear that they lived in California. I would like to know how it all unfolded. Plus, what was Luis’s relationship with his parents and siblings after coming to California? Does he gather with them often. Have they, too, found faith in Jesus?
    Wayne, thanks to you and Luis for letting us ask questions and make comments. I’ve sent the link to many so they could hear the story. As I listened each week, I appreciated the sound effects, editing and story thread. Great job, you two!

    1. Hi Ralaine. Glad you found the podcast so engaging. Of course, some of your question may be inappropriate to answer in a public forum, but we’ll talk about what we can.

      1. A brother-in-Christ sent us a text with a link to ” My friend Luis”, a few Sundays ago.
        I almost forgot about it . Then a week or so later, I decided to check it out.
        So glad I did. On so many levels.
        Luis story seems impossible and yet like God’s Word , it’s not something that fallen men can make up apart from the work of the Holy Spirit.
        It’s that good.
        No questions for now. Just wanted to thank you and Luis for putting this out .

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