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I want to introduce you to My Friend Luis. He’s a close friend of mine, and we share our story in a new, immersive, story-telling podcast that launches today. Episode One premiered last Friday on my podcast at The God Journey and debuts this morning on its own website.

I’ve heard many amazing stories in my life and been part of some amazing ones myself. This one was worthy of putting into a limited-series podcast that will play out over the next twelve weeks. It unfolds God’s glory in so many ways. I can’t wait for you to hear it. New episodes will drop on Tuesday mornings. You can view the trailer here.

My Friend Luis celebrates an extraordinary life and the unlikely friendship that developed between a law-and-order Republican and an undocumented immigrant living in California.

Born into abuse and poverty in Mexico, Luis survives through insurmountable odds. Through a series of almost unbelievable encounters, Luis navigates a pathway beyond his circumstances with an undeniable hunger to make a better life for himself than he knew as a child. In the course of that journey, he comes face-to-face with the God who had been pursuing him all his days.

As the son of a Sun-Maid raisin-grower in California, I found himself on the other side of the quest for better conditions and pay for farmworkers and despised those who came across the border illegally and the burden they added to the economy.

Despite their twenty-year age gap and their differing cultures, they crossed paths in 2008, and a friendship began that has transformed both of their lives in ways they would never have imagined.

Here’s what others are saying after hearing the first episode:

“I am just captivated by this story! Now I think I see why Wayne was excited about 2021… This is much more than a Podcast! I’m sending the website link to friends and family.” — Jack

“Loved this!!! Can’t wait to hear the next one!” — Harvey

“I heard two voices in my head while I was listening. The first voice said: “It’s his own fault, he tried to come here illegally and suffered the consequences”. This is the voice I used to believe was God’s (standing up for justice, consequences and all that). The second voice said: “This is my son, with whom I am well pleased and love dearly.”  This is the voice I now know is Father’s and the voice of grace = true justice. I can’t wait for the rest of the story and see God unfolding through it!” — Isaac

“Ooh, love it!  It’s going to be a great story … Planning on listening with my sisters. Didn’t realize it was going to be so professionally done … Trailer is superb!”  — Jaq

“I am so looking forward to hearing his whole story! Maybe people would have different perspectives, hearing the life of someone who comes from a country where there’s a lot of corruption and seems like surviving is a daily struggle! Wayne, so glad you’re sharing Luis’s story with us.”  — Nellie

Give the first episode a try. You won’t be disappointed, except for having to wait a week for the next one. You can view upcoming episodes there as well as subscribe to them on your favorite podcast feed. I hope you find it as worthy a story to listen to as I found it to tell. If so, please review this story at iTunes and other podcast outlet and pass the link out to your friends or share on social media. We’ll be grateful.

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1 thought on “My Friend Luis Debut”

  1. Tineke Bertelink

    Hi Wayne and Luis,
    I have just listened to the 3 episodes. And I am deeply touched. I am born in 1974 in the Netherlands, youngest child. Bullied a lot. Abusive father. I became a Christian at a young age. I received a lot of beating from my dad, to “beat this Jesus stuff out of me.”
    When Luis spoke about Rafael that touched me deeply. I had a friend like that too. Although I have never seen the person, I could sense it very deeply. As a child, I knew it was either Jesus or an angel. We were holding hands. He gave me advice. I have been in dangerous situations in which I knew that He had protected me. I have been in situations that this person told me what to do, to fix a situation. Just like Luis, this person comforted me when I was afraid, sad, in pain, etc. As I grew up and became an adult these encounters became less and less. I still have them every now and then. Especially when I am distressed. I am 47 now and sometimes I long back to those close encounters I had as a child and teenager. But at the same time, I am grateful for my life right now with a loving husband and 2 grown-up sons. My life is good. I still have a very personal and deep relationship with Father God and His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. ALL 3 are very real to me. But it is not as intense as when I was a child and was abused, bullied, and neglected. God knew that I needed Him right there and then the most and whenever I need Him in the future I know that He is there for me as well.
    Thank Wayne and Luis for sharing this.

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