Zooming Through the Pandemic

We certainly live in interesting times. We are experiencing a worldwide event that will shape our planet in ways we can’t even conceive yet. This pandemic has sent most of us to our homes, restricted our travel and extended family time, and put many jobs and businesses in jeopardy. The economic fall-out from this pandemic may last for decades to come.

Going into this season, I thought that self-isolation might be a time of rest for me. Not able to travel and being home here with Sara would give me time to rest and see what’s next for me. But almost immediately, other opportunities began to open up through Zoom. I had become familiar with it while we were writing A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation with Bob and Arnita, but had not had time to explore all it could do. When my grandchildren’s schools were closed, I discussed doing a workshop for them, helping them learn to appreciate and interpret the Scriptures. Before we could even start, I couldn’t be in the same room with them, so I turned to Zoom for The Jesus Story. Now we have quite a few other families going through that conversation with us. 

That helped me explore it even more, mainly because I had to use it for ongoing episodes of The God Journey. I know it’s not a perfect platform. Still, it has opened new doors for communicating with people around the world, not only for podcasts but also just to help and encourage individuals on their journeys like I did when personal visits were allowed. Now groups are asking me to meet with them on Zoom so they can ask questions and process their own journeys. We even started to experiment with an After-Show for The God Journey so that listeners could interact about a recent podcast. We had almost forty people join the last one. I am more engaged with more people than before the pandemic. Who would have thought?

Here are some of the conversations I’ve had recently that you can participate in if you like:

  • A FaceBook Live event with Rod Tucker, a pastor in an urban setting in Michigan, looking to help a group of people live and love in a needy part of town.
  • A podcast with The Fields Brothers about the transitions in my life that happened as God unhooked me from religious obligation and drew me into a greater connection with him.
  • Last week’s podcast at The God Journey was called Why Won’t God Love Me? It was a conversation I had with someone in the UK who had little sense of God’s love for them, even though they saw him love others through them. Many people related to his struggle, and last Sunday afternoon, I hosted my second God Journey After-Show. We had over 35 people join us from all over the world to share their observations and experiences. You can listen to that After-Show here.
  • And, The Jesus Story #6 aired this week, covering the Creation and Fall of humanity.

I’m sure your life has changed, too, and will continue to in ways you cannot yet conceive. I am asked a lot how I see this pandemic shaping the church or if it portends the end of this age. I don’t have a clue, and honestly, I don’t even find myself curious. The best way to be ready for anything is simply to follow the nudges he has for you today and to love the people he puts in your path. I find myself increasingly suspicious of those who prophesy apocalyptic outcomes from this pandemic with such certainty, especially when it fits so neatly into their desired outcomes. We just don’t know. Rather than try to figure it out, perhaps we could just let it unfold, finding our comfort in the God who is with us, rather than any imagined outcome we’d prefer.

God has got this. He’s got you. He’s been through this before and knows how best to help us through it. I find it far better to draw close to him each day, follow him as best I see him, and err on the side of loving others as I am loved by him. His glory will unfold even out of pain and tragedy. He continues to bring order out of the chaos of a broken world. If you start expecting a specific outcome, though, you may miss what he’s actually doing.

I pray that you, too, will find greater freedom in this season. Look for the unique ways Jesus might be guiding you in this season where your regular routines have been disrupted. 

You just might discover him in new and profound ways.

7 thoughts on “Zooming Through the Pandemic”

  1. Wayne, you and I have messaged before about the severe legalism that I was caught in, i.e.
    Old Covenant law …enough is to say that it was WCG, and hope you decipher it. 🙂
    That said, I am not even sure that I know what you mean by “…the nudges…”. I keep having law-based concepts pop up on my radar.

    1. I think there are a zillion ways God can “nudge” us along. It can come as an insight or impression; it may be an opportunity or a request from someone else. It may just rise out of a conversation. Something we read or what someone says can flick a switch in our heart that allows us to see something the Spirit is wanting to show us, or asking us to do. God nudges us all the time. Some people don’t recognize it as him, but he does it anyway. Sometimes people see it as their own bright idea, or something else. What’s common is that somehow in all of that what’s on your heart just “feels” right to do. It may not be easy or fun (or it might be), but you just have a sense that this is the way to go. It’s really pretty simple and a wonderful adventure all in the same experience.

  2. Hahaha … I find myself also busier in this season because of Zoom! I’m with you in the step by step approach, watch for nudges from the Spirit and the people in my path.


  3. Good Day Wayne

    Greetings from Sydney Australia. I have discovered your books and podcasts etc etc about a year ago and its been a real blessing ( and challenge) for me on my journey.

    I would like to know when the zoom discussion are, somehow missed that. I would love to tune in too ( time differences could be an issue though haha).

    Thanks for your refreshing and again challenging but comforting way of living life. I am still learning and adapting my ingrained interpretations ! There is so much more to the story as to how I was lead to discover your teachings due to a big family issue. How I wish we could sit down around a zoom table and have big old chat !

    Keep safe. We are all in this together !

  4. Wayne-
    The conversation with Sean blessed me beyond words. I could be his spiritual twin! It is comforting to know that I’m not alone in my struggles, I’m not the only one who is learning to hear Father’s voice rather than relying on unnecessary coping mechanisms that rob me of fellowship with Father and others. Like Sean, I couldn’t get past the feeling that I was alone. That broadcast truly was the tool that broke the chains that were binding me. I praise Father that I sense his presence and that he speaks to me, we’ve even had some laughs together. He’s given me the boldness to challenge the lies that I’ve believed about myself for so many years. Father has told me of the great love he has for me, how free I am and that I don’t have to fear what will come in the future – we’re in this TOGETHER! It’s wonderful to want to get up in the morning again-Father is there and is glad to see ME! What a incredible Father & Saviour we have! Even though there’s a constant pull to live in the lies that have been exposed, I KNOW that I don’t have to be embarrassed to talk to Father about my weaknesses and temptations. He keeps telling me, “therefore there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus”. I’ve been amazed at how much scripture he has brought to my mind when I’m faltering. Before it seemed like words, now it’s real.

    Is there any way that this topic could be explored further through other people’s journeys? There were a couple of gentlemen who were very transparent, I believe one was ?Tim?, who I was wishing we could keep going so they could share more about where they were in their journeys. There’s something so enlightening and comforting about knowing that there are brothers and sisters around the world who struggle with the same issues and then to hear what others who have walked with Father through those same issues have to say. God bless you for your faithfulness in speaking the truth in love to us all. Amen.

    1. Thanks, Judy. We’ll see how else this comes to fruition down the road. I feel like I’m in those conversations every day, but I know others don’t. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now to do too much of that at the moment, but perhaps Father has a way I’m not seeing yet. Yes, Tim’s story was fascinating and really has a painful backstory behind it. I love how God can rescue us out of the darkness places and set us on a pathway to life.

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