We’re Taking a Bit of a Break

This morning we head off in our rented RV to visit our son in Denver. Road Trip!  We are doing this instead of flying so we have our own little coronavirus protective bubble as we traverse four states. So, we have a few miles to cover and a chance to visit with him. Thus, things will be mostly quiet here at Lifestream, though we have new podcasts already set up for The God Journey.

Tuesday, I began a new series I’m really excited about. It is called “Embracing His Glory.” These will be a series of 15-20 minute audio presentations of something I’ve been wanting to share for some time. About six to eight months ago in a fresh read through the book of John, I felt like something had shifted in my heart and I was reading John’s book with fresh eyes, revealing more clearly the process by which Jesus shares with us the Father’s glory. The first one went up yesterday and more will follow in the Tuesdays ahead.  I anticipate 12-13 of these. This is something I first shared publicly in Tulsa on my last stop before the coronavirus hit.

The reason I’m so excited about this is not that I finally figured something out. It’s actually just a fresh way to express what has been going on in my life the last twenty-five years as I’m learning to live loved in the world and the transformation that happens in us as we do.  It’s exactly what Paul wrote about in 2 Corinthians 3—

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

That Scripture has always intrigued me, even in the old days when I felt the journey was not so much from glory to glory, but from pit to pit—one bad experience after another with long gaps between where God’s glory would be revealed. But the last twenty-five years has been different, not that all my circumstances have been easy, far from it, but through it all the glory of God continues to unfold in my life. It wasn’t what I expected with all the bells and whistles of signs and wonders, but something deeper and far more transformative in the way I engage the world around me.  I thought I’d let you know here, in case you want to follow with me over there.

Sara and I are really looking forward to some time together on the road (sixteen hours each way) and even more so our time with Andy.  If you’ll keep the email load light for the next week, I’ll be grateful. If not, you’ll have to be patient. I’m not sure when I’ll get caught up. When I get back, my dad is having a surgical procedure, so I will be with him through that. But we’ll get back… someday!


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  1. I’m hoping you folks have a wonderful and relaxing time on your trip.
    I wish I could talk to you afterward to get your take on the rented RV, I’ve wondered about doing that at some point and was wanting someone’s un-bias opinion on it. Have a great time.


        1. Okay Wayne, you are back, you’ve experienced our drug enforcement team in personb so now I was wondering if you would give me honest unbiased oppinion of a rented motor home. Regardless of your answer I hope you and Sarah had a wonderful time together.
          Thanks, Rick

          1. Sara and I had a GREAT time together. The RV worked out great, other than getting stopped by a drug enforcement operation in Utah. It turns out drug rings are using these rented RVs to move drugs out west and we were on the main drug highway. So we had a 45 minute stop to have our RV sniffed out by a K-9 team. Other than that the RV worked great. It did what we needed it to do, get us to Denver to spend some time with our boy and his girlfriend. It was a comfortable ride all-told and the dogs had plenty of room to roam. It wasn’t too difficult to drive and had good power through the mountains. Everything worked great, microwave, refrigerator, and toilet. It allowed us to social distance while going to Denver. The only downside was the places we parked overnight. Not knowing how far we’d get each day we didn’t research at all and just stopped at one near the freeway. They weren’t the most inviting places to spend any time. But if you had it parked in a national forest at a campsite, that part would be awesome. We would do it again, most definitely.

  2. I’m excited too!!! I love it when you share from your personal experiences and open up the written word more and more as you follow Christ. I appreciate your insights. I’ve listened to everything you have done and so enjoy always having more! Hope you all enjoy your time away!

  3. Enjoy the break and meeting up with Andy. Intrigued with your new blog on John.

    Hope all goes well with dad when you get back.

    Good to take time out for family
    Pray you have a refreshing time

    Harry and Chris Jacobson

  4. Roads trips are one of our favorite things to do. Glad to see you and Sarah taking a time out and a visit with your son. Have smooth sailing on your trip. Mike and Betty Frye

  5. Sheila Frampton

    Can’t wait for the new series on Embracing His Glory. I just got through watching the film of St John’s Gospel…so inspired & such a far out book! Thank you for sharing your insights with us.
    I am also so glad you’re taking a break with your dear wife, Wayne. You both deserve it. Have a wonderful & precious time together. Please come & visit us in UK next time you get to gallivanting round the globe! That would be awesome & come to Bournemouth by the beautiful sea this time & bring Sara!
    Love & prayers,

    1. You mean come to Bournemouth again!??! Sara and I were there five years ago or so. It was lovely, but I wouldn’t travel that far for the beaches, when I’ve got them 20 minutes down the road. 🙂 For the people, though? I’d visit for the people.

      1. Only five years ago Wayne?… I thought it was longer ago than that. I’m glad Sarah came this way. I think you met Roger & Fiona Jenkins on that trip…dear friends of mine.
        I met you in London 3 or 4 years ago but that wasn’t the same trip. But, yes I actually meant come for the people…of course. I didn’t think you took sight seeing trips!
        Having said that, there is a couple of lovely sight-seeing walks overlooking the New Forest & also the cliffs, while you’re here!
        I think we could organise a few meetings of like-minded people if you were to visit this area.
        I really see the importance of encouraging dialogue & conversation among the local Christians. There just isn’t enough of it. How do you get people motivated to start asking the questions that really matter? …& from there, to get people reaching out more into the local communities so we can make a real difference?
        Enjoy your holiday.
        Love & prayers, Sheila

        1. I was just guessing. It might have been longer. We do like walks through the countryside. And, I don’t think it is our job to motivate people with anything other than our example. You can’t make people think differently or even be gracious. You can be gracious. Ask questions to make them think. But that’s about it. But there are many people who WANT to have the conversation and if we have it with them, the world can change.

          1. Sheila Frampton

            Thank you so much for your encouraging reply to my comment, Wayne, which I just saw today. It’s so true that we can only set the right example by being loving & lifting up Jesus Christ to those we meet as it says in John 12:32.You are always so kind & considerate & take such interest in people. I can certainly learn from your example & endeavour to share God’s light with those who cross my path.. God bless you both. Love & prayers….

  6. Hi Wayne! Wish you and your dear wife a great and relaxing time, together and with all people you’ll gonna meet on this trip! Be careful and stay healthy! Lots of Love from Maria in blomming Sebnitz!

  7. I wrote you a letter before reading this, now I feel sorry about it. Don’t rush to answer! Have a great vacation!

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