The Water Is Flowing

This is a special thank you for all who gave or prayed with us to find the resource to help restore water to one of the tribes in Kenya whose solar array was destroyed by high winds and blowing debris. They had been without water for three months.  We were able to raise enough to get the well repaired and water flowing again.

This is what we received from our friends and co-laborers in the Gospel there—a video and a message:

Overflowing water from borehole

The Pokot people are very happy and they are thankful to God and Lifestream for the big support. Now the water is ready and they are completing to put the protection to prevent future damage.

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

You have enriched the lives of a starving people in the northern reaches of Kenya, who only a short time ago were nomads wandering in the bush and warring with other tribes. Today, many of these people have come to embrace Jesus as their Savior through the love of those who came to serve them in his name.  It’s a great story!

6 thoughts on “The Water Is Flowing”

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  2. This is great news! What is the protection they are referring to so it doesn’t happen again? Also, wondering why it wasn’t considered in the implementation.

    1. I’m not sure how they are protecting the solar array, but the people who installed it recommended some changes. The winds and blowing debris that destroyed it originally was an extreme weather event that they had never seen before. But the other tribes are take care to shore up their infrastructure as well. This was a very uncommon occurrence.

  3. What a great and amazing story to read and see the Lord’s doing. I love Jesus and ministry and coming to see this thrills my heart for the Lord. I was introduced to your story by my girlfriend’s dad, Olivier Muff. I’m Alloys Wandera, from Nairobi Kenya. Currently volunteering in Nairobi with Embrace a Street child org, however; I’m still in search to serve in a mission field that God may open the door. I have been in mission field for several years serving around East Africa.

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