The Song Beneath the Virus

Can you hear it? It’s the Song of the Ages, still playing beneath the virus and all that’s changed in our world. It is fresh from your Father’s heart, inviting you into his reality.

It’s not the loudest song in the wind. Fears of the virus and daily body counts will ring louder. The rancor of social hatred will drown it out, and it can easily be swallowed up by the discordant strains of fear and anger that dominate these troubled times.

But beneath it all, his song still plays, as certain as the rising sun, more triumphant than the most exquisite symphony.

You won’t be able to focus on it arguing about masks, or fretting over the next election. You won’t hear it speculating about conspiracies or putting your hope in yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies about a coming revival. You won’t find it groping for certainty in your imagined future.

You have no idea what is to come, and neither do all those voices. The honest ones will tell you that. Your certainty now has to be in Jesus and him alone. All others are mere illusions. They may comfort for the moment, but when they fail you, how deep will that pain be? Circumstances, both favorable and unfavorable, will come and go. The only refuge is to abandon yourself to the amazing love of a gracious Father and seeing his divine purpose unfolding around you. He will never let you down.

Come away, my beloved!

There! Did you hear it?

Maybe it was just a few notes, but even a bit of it will begin to breathe hope into your exhausted heart. You’ll recognize it as the soothing melody inviting you beside his quiet waters where peace and tranquility will wash over your fear and grief. Linger there, leaning lean away from anxious thoughts and angry voices, both internal and external.

His song carries a different rhythm. He is enough. You are deeply loved. All of Creation is still in his hands.

There’s no fear or frustration in his song. Its soft and lilting tones draw you more deeply to his heart, where fear no longer thrives. It allows you to embrace a reality far more consequential than anything we see with your eyes or hear with our ears. It calms your heart with the confidence that God is big enough for this, too.

None of this has caught Jesus by surprise. He has not abandoned you to your own devices. His deliverance does not await some future day. Jesus reassured us that his Father is always working. That includes in you… today. He has a way through this for you, even if someone you love gets the virus. Even if your business does not survive. Even if, our culture comes crashing down around you. Even if this is your time to join him in a kingdom that knows no end. Even if all this goes away in the next few months. 

He has plans you haven’t begun to consider.

Come away, my beloved. 

His melody is an invitation, not a compulsion. You’ll find it more clearly in that quiet place in your soul where Jesus makes himself known. It may take a while to tune your ears again to his melody and hold it in your heart. It’s worth the time. You’ll know you’ve found it when your heart takes a deep breath and begins to find its rest in the unforced rhythms of his grace.

You can’t see that, you say? Well, you don’t have to. You only need to see him.  Take his hand and follow his lead the best you sense him today. Wake up tomorrow and find that song again.

Everything else in this world will seek to knock you off this melody, drawing you back into its clamor. You don’t have to go. You can keep coming back to the quiet waters and bathe yourself there. That’s where you’ll have the wisdom to live through each day’s challenges without fear of your imagined future. You’ll know how to respond prudently to the virus’ presence in our world, and find compassion for others around you.

When you’re at peace in turmoil, his song will flow through you, too, amplifying it in your corner of the world. Then others will find it easier to hear and perhaps find their way to his peace as well.

33 thoughts on “The Song Beneath the Virus”

  1. Wow! You nailed it today! Perfect words for this troubling time! Thank you!
    Nola Shivers

    1. Definitely a “WOW! Thank you Wayne!!!
      I want to read it over and over – life giving, beautiful words …..☺

      1. That is said so perfect for todays problem that I have no answers, makespecially me remember that God is in contro.
        I felt such a calmest in todays turmoil

  2. Gail RussellBaker

    Excellent blog. I feel better already. However where I live in Australia we have not had one case of the virus. We all followed the rules as set out by our government.
    Not lucky-OBEDIENT.

    1. My heart says Yes. My eyes shed tears.
      Thank you Wayne.
      Even though my relationship is unstable and broken I believe in the calming of the lake by His voice.
      A confused child.

    2. Gail, this is not true. Here in the state of Victoria we have over 3,000 cases of active Virus and tallies in the hundreds every day being added to the list. Deaths also. In the little town where I live in Regional Victoria we are battling an outbreak as I write. My own adult son has been tested and awaiting results. I have been tested also but thankfully by the Grace of Father I am negative at the moment. But in His Mercy and Grace I hope.

  3. Wayne you are so beautiful inside, your words touches my heart all the time . Father has blessed you with a beautiful heart , and it shows so brilliantly in your writing. God bless you and your family and everyone everyone you hold dear

  4. A beautiful, authoritative and inspired expression of the truth of Father’s love, care and lordship. His still, small voice that gives us deep assurance in every circumstance. The word picture of a song brings a special sense of the continuing reality of His overcoming life. Thank you.

  5. During the last 5 months I’ve been slowly recovering from Covid 19. Today is my 62nd birthday, and your words have been such a gift to me, summing up and affirming all that our Father has been whispering to my heart during these long and difficult months. Thank you.

  6. I love the sweet tenderness of your words and how they reveal the true character of our Heavenly Father. I feel like I’ve been wrapped in a warm blanket of His love. Bless you Wayne!

  7. I love the idea of ‘the song of the Ages’ playing beneath the virus to uplift & encourage us. I came across just such a song by Michael Card the other day, called ‘Arise My Love’ & thought I’d put the link here. It’s derived from Song of Solomon & is beautiful! Thank you Wayne, for so many inspiring thoughts & ideas that you share with us that give us so much Hope & Inspiration along our journeys of Life! God bless you.

  8. Thank you for speaking words of Life, words of Love. Your thoughts have been a blessing to me so many times. Sometimes it feels like Papa is speaking to me, right through your posts, and I am grateful to Him, for inspiring you with these words, and i an grateful to you for hearing them and sharing them with the world.

  9. Come away my Beloved… What a call to intimacy with Him and to be completely surrendered to Him. I love this piece!

  10. So needed to hear this today. Thank you, Wayne, to the point and on point as always. My imagined future sometimes fills me with fear. You remind me to trust in the one who has got me in His hands.

  11. It’s almost poetry!
    Read also the Song of Songs. The loveletter of God to His bride.
    Read also Zephaniah 3:17 NIV
    The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”
    And it’s not only about covid 19, this Song suits all our troubles and anxieties.
    God bless you Wayne

  12. This is one of the most beautiful and soothing things I have ever read! Thank you so much for this!

  13. Jerry Weinhausen

    Just came back from walking and feeding our dog. Thought I’d check in with you, Wayne, because I wanted to download one of your books. After reading this blog, it has helped me to calibrate on my Father’s love for me. That was the best spiritual shoulders and neck message ever!

  14. Thank you Wayne, This reminder of the song that I have let be drowned out by the constant noise of current events in the USA has refreshed me. I will be sharing it with friends and family.

  15. Blessings Wayne for your wisdom and gift in words that touch my heart. It is a great comfort. I have taken the liberty of passing on this blog to other believers who are feeling lost in their churches. It has been a sobering time for many church-goers who have found their ‘faith’ was actually in their church, rathe than the Lord Jesus.

  16. As always Wayne your words have a powerful and wonderful effect. Thank you for this. What a comfort and joy knowing our Father calls us His beloved and has all things under His control. Such peace fills me.

  17. I love that unending, perfect pitched song. Wayne, thank you for the reminder to lean in and stay in His peace.

  18. How sweet Wayne. Delighted to have found your blog. Anything about intimacy with the Father and Jesus!!!
    Love it. A friend just gave me your book
    He loves me. Thanks mariek

  19. Thank you Wayne! I read this last night before my head hit the pillow and it was so refreshing to meditate on this. I had a lovely sleep. I’ve been praying that the Body of Christ will be encouraged during these uncertain times and our Father is definitely providing that encouragement!

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  21. Thank you Wayne. You have such a heart! The heart of our Father. I so loved this article. I’ll read it again and again. 💕💕💕

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