A Fresh Wind is Blowing 

Do you know how in advance of a storm, the wind can pick up suddenly, change direction, and bring in a scent of rain? I have a growing sense that the same thing is happening with God’s Spirit. The wind of his Spirit has shifted. Have you felt it?

In the last couple of weeks, something has changed, and I feel the same sense of wonder and excitement the children did when the Beaver in Narnia told them, “Aslan is on the move.”  I don’t know what it means, but I know a fresh purpose of God is unfolding. And please, don’t think this has anything to do with the recent election; I’m speaking of a different realm.

Everything has shifted in my own heart over the past two weeks, a fresh unfolding of Father’s insights and a rising hope that something new is taking shape. I am also discovering that I’m not alone. I’ve talked to many others who have been seeded with a fresh stirring of the Spirit in their hearts as well. For some, that has come with fresh insight, for others, a growing hopefulness in their hearts even if they can’t quite put a finger on it. For all, it seems to be a fresh invitation to draw closer to God and listen with expectancy.

What you hear may be out of the norm for you. Some of the people I’ve talked to tell me that they wouldn’t dare share what God seems to be showing them with many of their Christian friends. “They would look at me like I’m crazy,” one told me.  I know. Believe me, I know. Yet, the things she was hearing were coming fresh from God’s heart.

Those who need the affirmation of their friends will have a tough time on this road. Truth rarely travels in crowds. That’s one of the reasons Jesus told us about the broad and the narrow road. He wanted his disciples to know that they dare not seek affirmation of what’s true in the popular beliefs of the day. They would miss him if they did. More people will respond to fear than faith and, in the process, become more rigid and less loving.

If you are sensing something different in your heart, pay attention. Give space to what God is stirring in your heart. Don’t cling to your old comforts or fear what change might come. This is his doing, and he is inviting you to tack on a fresh wind. If you’re not sensing that yet, please don’t let that shake you. He is doing something else in you at the moment. Just don’t be surprised when you do begin to see it.

I want to encourage those who are hearing something new but afraid to believe it because it isn’t conventional. While other Christians seemed to be preoccupied with matters political or demanding their “rights” during a time of upheaval just know that the flow of the Spirit is running deeper than you’ll find in such temporal things.  Don’t let fear guide you, and don’t cling to his past work as a comfort. He is no longer there.

One lady described it as an undercurrent, spreading throughout the world, like a crystal-clear, underground river flowing beneath the surface. Many will walk right over it and miss it, but those with roots deep enough to touch it will find their heart drawn more deeply toward Father’s heart and purpose. Don’t look with your physical eyes; for what’s really important is currently unseen.

Perhaps that’s what Father is doing in this pandemic. I am not convinced God caused it; a world out of synch with its Creator would do that quite easily. Nonetheless, as with all things, he is in it working together for his purpose and our good. The disruption of our lives could put us off balance enough to be open to this fresh wind of his Spirit. The physical distancing we have been asked to do from each other for the good of the whole may have also been an invitation to give more place to him.  (I talk a bit more about this with Gil Michel on today’s podcast at The God Journey, An Opportunity to Grow.)

Is your heart more alive to some insights you find yourself resisting, just because it’s different or because your friends might disagree? Be careful where others manipulate your fears or feed your anger. Find that space where hope, humility, and love warm your heart, even when circumstances are dire. That’s where you’ll sense his moving.

It’s not for me to tell you what it is, even if I could. I’m still sorting out what all of this means, to be honest. I see him stitching threads together that have hovered around my life for the past couple of years that all seemed disjointed until now.  I can’t say more now lest I disrupt what Father is doing and shape something in your heart before Father does. Don’t run to anyone else to tell you what it is either. Jesus is summoning his people to follow him alone.

Things are happening now that will change the course of events in this world, but that time is not yet. It is time for all of us to quiet our hearts and catch the wind of his spirit.

It won’t come by our works, but by learning to rest in his.


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10 thoughts on “A Fresh Wind is Blowing ”

  1. Yep, been feeling those breezes here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, for the last few months… Difficult to nail it, but a hunger and thirst for something more of God himself…

    1. I love this..thank you..love listening your podcast with Brad too…pray for me because I felt Jesus asked me, to go among my brothers and sisters in humanity to just pray God among them on the market place ,in this time before,and during Christmas time..I felt the urgent need for more than one year now to just pray ,worship Him, praise Him, give His Godspel..no discussing “about” Him, just listening to Him, and talking to Him,in a very simple way..meet nice people, we pray together sometimes,others asking for a prayer for them or members of their family..well,sometimes I feel shy, sometimes people warn me I could be killed by a fanatic muslim, or arrested by the police..but I don’t feel scared at all..I just pray as I pray at home..so,thanks for your prayers..God bless you..🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thank you Wayne for putting into words what Father is stirring in my heart. He is pulling me deeper into an amazing display of His love for me and for everyone! There is such incredible peace in His offering right in the midst of circumstances that would have left me so disheartened in previous times.

    1. I feel it too. The excitement of a new awakening that will change who we are, how we relate to each other, our world, and God Himself!

  3. Daniël du Plessis

    Thank you Wayne for this timely word.
    It is exactly what I am experiencing in my life at the moment.
    I could not put a label to it. Now I know why.
    Your book “He loves me” has transformed my life in Christ and so does this word do today.
    God bless you.

  4. I started connecting to it in December last year. It looked weird for a while but now it’s an adventure of sorts. Despite the fear and unrest in the part of Africa where I live, I have a peace that passes even my understanding

  5. Thank you Wayne for the encouraging observation. I’ve felt in my own life a deeper need and desire to draw closer to our Father in a more intimate way. Your last series “Embracing His Glory” speaks into that perfectly. Thank you!

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