The Shack Screenplay & Other Items

People continue to ask me if there will ever be a movie made of THE SHACK. Honestly that was what we all wanted to do when I first got involved with the manuscript. We shaped the story with a movie in mind and published the book as the first step to making a movie that would put a story of Father’s love into the world as a major motion picture. Honestly, it has not been an easy process, but it is coming to fruition. The script is done, a studio is signing whose executives really seem to get the heart of the book. Announcements will be forthcoming about all of that when it is appropriate.

But Sunday I received my copy of the screenplay and spent yesterday morning reading through it. Wow! It’s incredible. Loved it! Even goose-bumped up in a number of places. It reminded me how much I love this little story and why I got involved with it in the first place. It unpacks so many amazing realities about God and how he engages humanity whom he deeply loves. This script is not designed to be a “Christian movie”, but a compelling story for a wider audience that unveils God’s heart in a powerful way. I’ll be excited to see this movie take shape and see the amazing visuals and the dialog to a different medium.

Brad’s done an amazing job of bringing the pieces together and shaping the process by which it will get made. I am not involved in the details at all. It was one of those things I laid down a couple years ago to get back to what God has asked me to do in the world. But I do get to look over some shoulders while it is all unfolding and I’m confident that it is in really good hands. [Personal notes to save my email inbox: No, I can’t share the script with anyone. And, please, don’t send me your resume or request if you want to work on or act in the movie. I’m sorry, but I’ve been swamped with them in the last five years and have no way to process all of that or pass it on to others engaged with the process.]

And I love that THE SHACK isn’t just a book of fiction. Every day in my inbox I get incredible stories of God walking people out of their darkness. Here are two I found this morning that warmed my heart and caused it to overflow with thanksgiving for God’s continued and persistent work in the world. They are deeply touching even in their brevity. Obviously there are some incredible stories behind these simple paragraphs. But I love the way Father works in the world to bring people out of great tragedy and brokenness into the joy of his life.


    From Isaac:

    Wayne, today I was listening to a podcast from back in 2010 and had the thought that I have confused ‘stillness’ and ‘stuckness’; fearing change I’ve tried to stay as ‘still’ as possible thinking that was a form of peace. So freezing has been my self defense mechanism and Living loved has been melting that fear. Its springtime in Narnia!


    From Allie:

    Thank you so much for your book and your Transitions series I have been so blessed. I’m a new christian of seven months and my relationship of my eartly father was of violence— sexual, physical, emotional, and mental abuse—but God has done a miracle and changed my world upside down and set me free and given me total freedom. I have so much joy. He has broken down the walls and boundaries that I put up. I have been forgiven much and loved much and God has set me completely free and I’m so excited. So bless you so much. God is good.


And I share these so that those of you who are still feeling stuck, or broken under the aftermath of abuse might know that God is big enough to find you where you are, wrap you up in his love, and walk you out into his glory and freedom. As these people will attest, it doesn’t happen easily or quickly, but just keep leaning into him as best you know each day and let him make himself known to you. Stop trying to earn it or make it happen on your own. Just put yourself at his mercy and let him do what he does so well. You have my prayers…