Some Christmas Presents Before I Go

Merry Christmas to all of you! What a week this has been, and I’m looking forward now to a few days with my family and extended family as we celebrate the Christmas Holiday and the coming New Year. I won’t be in the office much this season, so if you write, be patient for a response. I hope your holidays will be rewarding and relaxing for you as well. I’m going to leave you with some Christmas presents before I go:

Our latest edition of The God Journey entitled The Christmas Podcast has just been posted on our sister website

Christmas has made quite a splash in the media this year—from holiday greetings in stores, to whether or not to have congregational services on Christmas morning. These media-concocted controversies give Brad and Wayne a chance to ruminate about all the hoopla surrounding Christmas and to consider how we as believers can truly make an impact in the world—not just on a holiday, but by letting Christ make himself known continually through us.

And for you who have been following Jake Colsen’s story, we have completed the rough draft. I just posted the last chapter and what a bittersweet moment it was! I will miss working on this book more than anything I’ve ever written. My life has literally been shaped in the last four years as I worked on this book with a good friend of mine. It seems we had to live each chapter before writing them and a book that was supposed to be completed in a year, took us almost four to complete.

But I have been so blessed by the email I’ve received from people who are now being affirmed and shaped by the content of this book. We are working on a final rewrite now and preparing it for publication early in 2006. Many people have already requested copies and we’ll get it out just as soon as we can.

Living this journey is truly a joy of all joys. Sharing that journey with so many of you over this past year in email exchanges or personal encounters is an unspeakable joy. My prayer for us all is that Jesus will keep drawing us ever closer to the heart of his Father and teach us to live simply and freely as his kids in the world. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all!