Sharing the Gospel In the Heart of Legalism

On Friday morning I was a guest on Vince Coakley’s radio show out of Greenville, SC.  It’s a political talk show mostly, but they often have a faith focus on Friday.  If you didn’t get a chance to hear the show, they posted a podcast of it here.  We talk about thinking outside the box in a growing relationship and how that often contrasts with our religious sensibilities.

Long time visitors to this site won’t find much new there, but if you’re new to Lifestream, you’ll find a good summary there of the passion I take into the world.  Since Greenville is in the heart of legalistic Christianity, not everyone was happy, to say the least!


1 thought on “Sharing the Gospel In the Heart of Legalism”

  1. Wayne, that was an awesome podcast! Thanx for be willing to enter the lion’s den. Vince was an excellent host, and clearly on an eye-opening journey himself. What a joy! You are right; not a lot of new info for everyone. But you hit the nail on the head; the info is new for many, and how you bring that passion into the world is like that cool drink of water! I, like many of us, struggle with the language around this passion. That is what I find difficult. However, everytime I hear something like this podcast, it helps form those language ideas and usage. It’s just incredible! Thank you, brother!

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