Rejoicing With Our Friends in Kenya

Since I’ve come to see the church as an expanding set of relationships that share the life and love of Jesus, Sara and I have put all our eggs into the relational basket.  Instead of building things, we’ve connected with people and watched as he continues to knit together friends and friends of friends throughout the world.  I’ve simply trusted that all God wants to do in my life will grow out of the simple relationships he has given me with others.  I’m really amazed how far-reaching God’s work through relationships can go.  This has been a big affirmation of what God can do out of those relationships.  

I’ve been told so many times that if we don’t have large mission organizations, we wouldn’t be able to respond to the needs of the world.  But I’ve tried to get many to help us in the last couple of weeks with provision and wells in that region and have discovered that most are not looking for opportunities to help.  They are already overrun with them.  What they want is money to do projects they already want to do.  I also have so many emails from peope who’ve worked in the field or on staff with those organizations only to see how much money gets sucked up in fundraising and administration and how much they are hamstrung from really helping people by rules and demands from the home office.  

Who knew that eight years ago when we got involved with people in Kenya, that they would eventually come across a forgotten group of 120,000 tribesman in the northern reaches of Kenya that would need to be rescued from a severe drought?  And who knew that I knew enough people who would give over $62,000.00 in two weeks to bring food, water, and medicine to those people?  And who knew that our Kenyan brothers and sisters would be moved with compassion for these people and would want to return to build classrooms, a pharmacy, and dig some wells to help them build a more hopeful future for them and their children?  And who knew that at the time they connected, these people in Pokot would be fully disillusioned with praying and sacrificing to their ancestors who have not helped them from beyond the grave and would be open to finding a God who loves them? And who knew that I knew a man in Texas who would have the ability and the compassion to give $135,000.00 on short notice to fund those classrooms, pharmacy, and wells?  

I guess God did!

By the time I was able to relay the news to our friend in Kenya, they had already gone to bed and did not know of this gift last night.  This morning I received this email from Michael after they awakened.  

My brother since we left North Pokot, our intercessors team, all over IGEM territory, East and Central Africa, they have been praying, fasting and interceding towards our brothers and sisters in this region and even, the pastors who got the bicycles are among the team who are interceding for the Lord’s visitation to this region, since the Lord created the world, they have never seen, the miracles as the Lord did through medication, food, water and other things. So we appreciate God, through Lifestream for opening the heart to the oppressed community.  Many white missionaries, there are thousand in Kenya, but none who cares to reach the place like this.  This is amazing God and since I visit myself, I was really touched and even because of this region, even I forgotten to present Forkland school the slum where I have ministered the whole of my life but in order to present the need of brothers and sisters in this region.

So my Brother what is happening, is that the Lord has answered the prayers of our brothers and sisters in this region, because it will bring a shame to the god of Mountain Kadam and Mudeo, from now they will believe the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac and it will remain the live testimony and God be Glorified forever. The time I read this email, I was shocked….for what the Lord is doing, this is God’s provision, and the Holy Spirit convict me to read Isaiah 42:7-8-12, Jeremiah 29:10-11-12-13. These are the verses which I believe the Lord will be glorified to every creature.

Concerning yesterday, since I had to prepare the volunteers to go, you know what I shared with them?   That everybody needs to go to prayer and search the answer from God and provision and in the morning before I checked the Mail one volunteer rang to me and said, “My Brother Michael, the Lord has confirmed that he has provided all necessary need for this people, and not very long God will give us a surprise answer.”  After I got the message , I prayed and check the Mail, and I jumped out and immediately Thomas called that his wife has delivered a child in the night.  We came together in the office to lift the name of Jesus higher.  This is God’s doing, and Thomas called her daughter Sarah, for this kind of great love.

The geologist will be travelling from Nairobi, along with his team and the machine for detecting water underground, I thank God that, he will confirm. And the process needs to start soon as possible you will be informed.  About the school and dispensary, this work need to be started very quickly, I have again called the engineer this evening to tell them what the Lord has done and he has already communicated with the volunteer to arrange the trip next week as well as planning to purchase materials, ready for work, soon as the money indicate, so Brother the work will be well and every step you will be informed by writing and picture, for any step I would be consulting you along with Thomas for the better team work.   Send our greetings and appreciation to the brother who gave this support.

My heart is overwhelmed at this unfolding story and how God has brought so many things together for just “such a time as this.”  This is why my heart wants to keep encouraging people inside a relationship of affection with this Father, to connect with others in love, and participate together in the ways he works in the world.  I can’t wait to see how this story continues to unfold in days to come. I’ll keep you posted.  

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