Now, You Know Me

At the end of last week I received the following poem in my email and was so touched by it that I shared it with almost everyone I was with this last weekend.  So I wrote him to ask if I could share it on my blog and with his permission you’ll find it below.  It captures the whole story of redemption in a magnificent way and ends in just the right spot.  

I met Jimmy last summer at our Seeding Community Conversation in North Carolina and was touched by this young man’s story, his passion for God’s kingdom and his willingness to follow Jesus even through painful and difficult places.  Recently my brother suffered a very painful loss and is processing that in his own journey.  I suspect this poem might have grown out of that.   


by Jimmy Wolfe 

After the Beginning, my world
was formless and void.
Covered and hovered over my heart.
There was light. Until there wasn’t.
Succumbing to the weight of night,
           the sun surrendered and
I could  not see what was good.
Dusk without dawn.
           How many days?
The earth stopped bringing.
           Life stopped living.
                      I stopped believing
but not trusting.
Dusk without dawn.
How many days?
On a seventh day, through the stormy silence,
I heard the Word speak
           “Rest, I will.
                     Trust, I Am.”
His whispered Breath filled this dust and
           Light broke through,
                     a garden grew,
                               a Kingdom came.
As I saw Him seeing me,
my fig leaf fell and His love
drove Fear and Shame through
the Eastern gate as fiery angels
turned West to hem me in.
And on One Tree Hill, He said,
           “Eat. Drink. Remember.
                      You’ve known good and
                                you’ve known evil.
Now, you know Me.”

© 2014 by Jimmy Wolfe





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