Living Loved in North Carolina

In early April I’ll be in North Carolina for 10 days, meeting in a variety of places and venues. If you haven’t got the word yet, here is our schedule.

I’m excited to include a weekend retreat up at Lake James for those who would like a more prolonged opportunity to meet others and process what it means to embrace God’s love in our own hearts, and to share it freely through our every day lives.  If you have the time, and even want to visit from out of the area, you’re welcome to join us.  The contact information is included below if you want to run into me on this trip.

April 2-3 – Charlotte, NC
I’ll be in Birkdale Village the first few days with an open gathering from 1:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Sunday, April 3.  Contact Jeff for the details.

April 4 – Huntersville, NC
Home group meeting that’s already full. Sorry.

April 6 – Charlotte, NC
An evening drop in fellowship near downtown Charlotte from 5:00 – 9:00, including dinner for purchase if you wish. Contact Francie for details and to sign up.

April 7 – Winston-Salem, NC
Small group meeting. Contact John for availability.

April 8-10 – Lake James, NC
For those who would enjoy a more concentrated time processing the journey of living in the Father’s affection we’ll be holding a three-day retreat at Lake James. Space is limited but there are hotels in the area if others would like to joins us. We’ll be meeting Friday evening, throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday morning.  You can come for all or part of our time there.  Contact Francie for details.

April 10 – Rock Hill, SC
Open meeting with a Vineyard fellowship at the Charlotte Avenue YMCA  •  402 Charlotte Ave.  •  Rock Hill, SC 29732  Contact Jason for details.

4 thoughts on “Living Loved in North Carolina”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    I live up in Virginia Beach, and I was wondering if you had any time in your schedule while you’re out east to make it up here to Virginia Beach or the Hampton Roads area. I’d love to have some more conversation, especially if it could be face-to-face! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Not on this trip, Jon. Arrangements are already made and the schedule is tough. Some time later this year I’m going to be in MD and Charlottesville, NC…. That will be a bit closer, is suspect. Do you have others out there in Virginaa Beach tithe oddly want to get together? What do you have in mind?

    1. Hi Wayne! Thank you for getting back to me. Actually, I’m new here and my wife hasn’t lived here since before we got married, so we don’t really have close enough friends yet geographically. However, some long-time friends and I are doing a pretty informal discussion and read through of the Gospels in the format of a collaborative blog that is in response to your challenge (for lack of a better word) in the Jesus lens to “camp in the gospels until Jesus becomes a person to you.” If you’d be interested, it would be really cool to try a multi-person webinar or Skype discussion or something. We’re all spread out (in Cali, Washington, Europe, and here in Virginia. What would you think about that? Feel free to move the discussion over to email if you’re interested, Wayne. Again, thank you so much.

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