New God Journey Archive Disc Available

For those who follow the God Journey on Disc, rather than subscribing to the podcast, our fifth archive disc is now available. This includes the high quality version of our podcasts from November 2008 through August 2009. It includes over 40 podcasts and is available from Lifestream for $12.00 each, or you can pick up all five discs for $40.00.

These discs contain mp3 data files and will not play in a regular CD player. They will however play on our computer, most DVD players, and, of course, mp3 players.

While you’re at it, visit our new God Journey website, which has been recently redesigned to streamline the content as well as make it more accessible. We’re still tweaking the archive pages, but they should be ready in a week or so. Brad and I enjoy getting together talking about this incredible journey and watching how those conversations encourage others as well. As you’ll see on the podcasts, some of our listener email is the best anywhere. I love what God is speakign to hearts all over the world and how gracefully peple are learning to live in him.