Moving On

This week we will be working our way through Michigan. That’s the team up top on an early morning walk to the Peninsula Lighthouse near Rapid River. It’s been glorious here with the people we’ve spent time with and some new folks we met. Also, Sara and I were the only ones in the RV Park we’ve had for the last two days. In the woods, all by ourselves. It was great!

Today we’ll move to Mackinaw City and the day after to Traverse City. Everything is going well for the RV, for which we are grateful. The problems have been sorted out.

The itinerary we’re looking at now looks something like this:

  • September 21-22: Traverse City
  • September 23-27: We’ll be in southern Michigan and hanging out with folks near Grand Rapids, perhaps Kalamazoo, and on Sunday/Monday be in South Bend, IN with Gil Michel and his fellowship
  • September 28-30:  Indianapolis, Indiana
  • October 1-2ish: Columbus, OH area
  • October 3ish-10: Big Prairie, OH, with Harvey, Monica, & Company

Beyond that, we have no idea yet if we’ll head down the Blue Ridge or turn back toward Kentucky and Tennessee.  We’re learning to live in the spontaneity of every day and see what Father shows us. If you’re interested in connecting with us in some of these areas, please write me and see what we can work out either with our hosts or with a personal opportunity to chat or go for a walk together.

This is really a treat, getting to tour the U. S. with a renewing Sara, to enjoy not only the beauty of the landscape we journey through but also the connections Father is giving us along the way.  We had some amazing conversations with people this weekend, and one of the great things that came out of our time yesterday is helping people normalize their Jesus journey.

So many people have expectations of how God should speak to them or what a quiet time should look like every day that they can easily miss the gentle and subtle ways God invites them into his reality each day or the gifts he is giving to them even through very difficult circumstances.

I love that word, normalize. When we stop looking for things as we think they should be, then we can see God as he is making himself known.  Recognizing that will help you find an easy freedom in him.

As one woman said to me years ago in New Zealand, “I’m beginning to believe that the reason this journey seems so difficult is because it is far simpler than we dare to believe.”

That it is. We make it too complicated, and Jesus is inviting us into a simple, powerful, transformative relationship in our growing confidence that we are deeply loved and that he is closer to us than our very breath.

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  1. Not sure my comment posted so I’ll try again! 🤔
    What a beautiful pic of you and Sara with the dogs out in God‘s stunning creation! I rejoice with you over this unexpected journey God is taking you on experiencing His goodness, faithfulness, mercy, healing power and knowledge surpassing love for you both! Greg and I hope we can connect with you some point on your journey back this way. Love you guys!

    1. I didn’t see your first one, but happy to get this, Kim. Yes, this side of the journey has been so wonderfully incredible. Really, beyond description. I hope it works out to see you and Greg when we come through your way again…

    1. I love that word, too., especially when people are looking for some spectacular event and miss when God works in the normal course of life. Looking back, that’s always miraculous as well in far richer ways. I love how he works.

  2. Thanks ..yes, indeed, it is far simpler than we think..we complicate so many things about God journey !that’s why Jesus said ” only kids and those who look like them will enter the Kingdom of God..” just walking in full confidence in God’s loving us..God is far more simpler than we are!!Christians try so hard to do so many things to try to prove they love God and are worth to be loved..I’m sure we discourage people to meet God by our obsession of perfection to please God.I am fortunate to be a reader in small scool and God helps me,through them, to recover (recapture?) my innocence..I love getting old and being with kids😁🎹🎵🎶.God bless you two on your journey and thank you for commenting it to us..🙋‍♀️

  3. Anastasia Macdonald

    I love…” When we stop looking for things as we think they should be, then we can se God as he is making himself known. Recognizing that, will help you find an easy freedom in him.”

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  5. Your words brought these questions to mind:
    1) How is/does God make Himself known to me?
    2) Are my eyes and ears open to the movements and whispers of God?
    3) In what ways can I be more attentive?
    Anticipate sitting with these for awhile…
    Hope your journey brings you through Central KY and that God allows us to meet. Am finding much Life in your many resources.
    Blessings on your God Journey,

  6. Grateful for your ministry! Hope you enjoy this beautiful state and my hometown (Traverse City) and my wife’s hometown (Grand Rapids). If you are looking to stop halfway for a hike in Newaygo County, we’d love to join you!

  7. Wayne n Sara,,
    If you go down / thru the Blue Ridge n head back thru Ky or Tenn, you almost pass my ‘little piece of heaven’ in WVa. Would be so neat to catch some time w you…and the autumn colors peak there in October!!
    So blessed to have known you.
    Pete denning

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