Finding Church Now Available in Audio

Imagine you laying back in your easier chair or being caught in an exasperating commute to work and me sitting right beside you reading to you from Finding Church.  OK, that doesn’t even sound fun to me.  I wouldn’t sit next to you and read, we would get to talk.  But the audio version of Finding Church is now available for download, so you can listen to me read it even though I won’t be right there beside you.  Maybe we’ll get that chance up the road sometime.

If you’d like to listen to a sample, you will find Chapter 17 below:  “Unity Without Conformity”.  This is the high point of the book, in my view.  It demonstrates not only the answer to Jesus’ prayer, but also why our attempts to produce unity through conformity are destined to fail.

If you’d like top purchase the audiobook you can do so from or, or download it through iTunes.  

Happy listening!