Lifestream #3: How can I live in increasingly trusting Jesus?

One of the greatest freedoms of learning to live loved by the Father is that you’ll find yourself increasingly trusting him. Confident of his love for you, you won’t have to trust your own wisdom or efforts but learn to cooperate with his. He’ll show where your efforts got you off in the weeds and how relying on him changes the course of a circumstance in some surprisingly helpful ways.

Faith or trust is not something you can manufacture on our own. Jesus, as the Author and Finisher of your faith, help it grow by winning you into his reality and inviting you to a growing reliance on his wisdom and power. Every sin and struggle results from trying to grasp for ourselves that which God is not giving us. Why do we do those things? Because we don’t know that he loves us enough to take care of us and provide us with what is good. As our awareness of his love grows, so will our freedom from those things that do us harm.

You will trust someone to the degree that you know they love you. That’s how our faith in Father grows. Circumstances that used to create anxiety and fear will no longer have the same impact on you. Confident that you are loved, you will know his rest even in the most painful of circumstances. We are not alone, and we are not abandoned to our own wisdom or strength. Our peace is not in the certainty of the outcome we want, but knowing that we are his and that he will be sufficient no matter what happens. Now, we’re free to cooperate with him as he guides us through life.

The undercurrent to a lot of my writing is how our trust will grow quite naturally out of learning to live in his love. Here are some resources to help you explore this part of your journey with him:

Key Articles 



Wayne’s Books


For a Deeper Dive

Use the search windows at the top of Lifestream,org and for “faith” and “trust”.  Also, many have written us to say that the articles of the Living Loved Newsletter in chronological order gave them a picture of how God led Wayne through those transformative years when he was just learning how real faith develops in us.

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