It’s Flyday!

Sorry it’s been so quiet of late, but I’ve been on the road in the Seattle area for the past five days. I’ve been with a wide diversity of people and I wish I had time to tell you about it… But, I have to head for the airport in a few moments and have been in conversations with people almost nonstop. No time to write. Sorry! But I’ve met some fabulous folks at various stages of the journey, and now in the last couple of days with some old friends I have visited before.

Now it is home for two days and then I go again, but this time Sara goes with me, as do daughter Julie and granddaughter Aimee, so that will be fun. And I also understand the family will be over tonight. That’s why I love Flydays… I love getting back to those whom my heart loves so much. I wonder if dying some day will be like that. Just another Flyday to be near those my heart has loved so much. That would bee cool! Blessings on you all.

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