How is Your House Church Going?

I visited a house church in Fullerton, CA over the weekend who has been on an interesting journey outside the walls of what most people call church. Recently the guy who is the ‘pastor’ of the church organization he left nine months back wrote to ask how “house church” was going. This is how he replied:

I wrote back to him to explain how I thought that even the term “house church” sounded funny to me now… I have come to think less about “how to DO church” and more about how to “BE the church”. Which makes even the label “house church” sound funny to me now. So, I am not sure how to answer how the house church is going, but here is part of the journey I have been on…. On a personal level, we are getting together with and meeting more people now — getting to know more people than we ever have before — going outside of our familiar acquaintances and circle of friends to meet new people (as well as staying in touch with old friends) and that has been good…

I think many of you will enjoy his full response. You can read it all on his blog. I like his view of it and how he is free to live in the relationships God’ provides each day. Of course this is only a part of the journey. I’m sure Glenn like many of you look foward to the day when you can link up with believers near you who really want to explore the wonders of intentional community together. I do think that’s the best expression of it, but people who are willing to share God’s life together without a lot of religious overlay are not always easy to find. But even when we do find them, I do think God wants us to not be so focused on them that we don’t find the relationships like Glenn describes that he wants to drop in our path each day.