Glad That’s Over!

What a crazy weekend! We packed up 47 years of married life and had to find a place for those things in an 1100 square foot apartment, a 330 sq ft motor home, and even after we gave loads of stuff away we still needed to rent some storage bays. Thanks to the help of some dear friends, we got it all buttoned up and hit the road in our “Living Loved” RV at 2:30 on Tuesday! (Yes, we were both exhausted when we took that photo minutes ahead of hitting the road.)

It took us a while to get out of LA traffic, navigating around five accidents, but we finally arrived in Barstow. It’s a trip across the desert today to Flagstaff, AZ. We are on our way.

Our hearts are full and our future uncertain. First, we’ve got to get to a retreat this weekend in Colorado, and then our schedule is wide open. We will spend a week or so in the Denver area to see our son, head north to Wyoming to see Jess and Kyle, and then perhaps turn eastward through Iowa and into the Midwest. The reason we are posting our location is so that people in the area can contact us if they want to connect as we go through their area.

I’ve begun sharing short videos of my thoughts and reflections on Reels on my Instagram feed from time to time. If you’re not linked up there, you might want to be at: “wayneatlifestream”. They also cross post to my FB Author Page.

And, yes, we are overwhelmed with email from the Redeeming Love podcasts at The God Journey. We will get them answered, but give me some time. Sara and I have been deeply touched by your love and compassion, as well as supportive comments. It’s not easy to go public with some of the things we’ve been through, and yes some people are already weaponizing this story make judgments against us. It still amazes me that people can hear that story and not have compassio for what Sara went through, regardless of what you may not like about me.

In the last gathering of The Jake Colsen Book Club, we discussed how love and honesty are a threat to those living in the darkness. It’s why so many feel the need to hide their story or lie to family and friends just to maintain their relationships. In the long run, it just isn’t worth it. Any friendship you have to lie to keep isn’t truly a friendship. You can view that conversation here.

Our hearts are overwhelmed with so many of you who have also suffered from traumtizing events that went unrecognized or untreated for far too long. So many have told us how little patience their Christian friends have to hold their story and their healing, growing weary of hearing about pain from “so many years ago.”  “Can’t you just forgive, and forget?” they are often asked. They don’t understand that traumatic abuse—whether it be sexual, emotional, physical or neglect—twists something in the brain that changes the way they see life in the present. Without processing those past events in a safe and secure environment, their brains won’t heal. Having someone walk with them in their darkness is one of the greatest gifts they can be given.

Even if you haven’t suffered trauma, learn about it. There are amazing resources available to help you understand your own trauma, or hold the trauma of your spouse, friends, or even strangers who need a safe place to explore their healing.

Here are some of them:

And if you don’t care enough to learn about trauma, please don’t try to help someone struggling with it and certainly don’t put them off by your impatience. I’ve listeend to Sara process her struggle over and over again, as she gains greater footing in Father’s freedom with each re-telling until it no longer impacts the way she lives today. For those who have no tenderness and only want to make accusations, you have no idea how you how you are working against God’s desire to bring them into healing and freedom. What they need is your love, mercy, and support.

And for those of you struggling with dark places in your past, don’t ever give up finding a path to healing. Father has one for you. Trauma is something that happened to you in the past; it doesn’t have to own your present or your future. Our hearts are wtih you in your struggle that you will find all the healing God has for you and supportive voices to walk with you.

Well, time to move on today. I’m going to miss those “office days” of yore, but for now there are more important things on the front burner.

19 thoughts on “Glad That’s Over!”

  1. God bless you both, Wayne!
    I admire your courage to hit the road where the Spirit will guide you.
    I’m so glad for Sarah, for the new life and freedom she experiences now, God knows how difficult it was to live with that huge trauma.
    I’ve cried and cried listening to your story, how much you both have suffered, so good that it’s a happy ending!
    Vith love, Doina

    1. Thank you, Doina. Sara wants her story to give hope to others. We are not special; we are just followers of his as best we can see the way before us. It’s a great journey, even though it is painful at times.

  2. Jim and Karen Cline

    Hello Wayne and Sara. We are so excited for you starting this part of your God journey. We can feel for you in everything it took to make the big decision and get out on the Road. We left our hometown of 40 years, 5 years ago, and have been traveling all over the United States, enjoying this beautiful country we live in. We’ve been listening and reading and a part of the God Journey for about 10 years. God has been so good to use your podcasts, books and blogs to help us heal from religious abuse. Someday we would love to connect somewhere along the road and give you both a hug and enjoy some sweet fellowship.
    We are in Billings Montana now with our daughter and family till the middle of October. We would love to hear where you are all along the way. With a Love from Jesus.
    Jim and Karen Cline

    1. We’ll keep posting to my Facebook Author Page so people will know where we are and if they want to meet us somewhere we will try to work it in as best we can. I appreciate your kind and gracious words about how some of our things have encouraged the Spirit’s work in you.

  3. When we begin to experience and realize pain, trauma, anger, deep shame or condemnation they are the “warning lights” on the dashboard of our heart that Abba is saying, “There is where I want my love, healing and comfort to go.” In so many ways, our healing is in part what it means to be “transformed to the image of Christ.” 2 Cor. 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 18 And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate[a] the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. Abba, Son & Spirit are all about healing our hearts!! Lk. 4:17 And He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written: 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.” 20 Then He closed the book, and gave it back to the attendant and sat down. And the eyes of all who were in the synagogue were fixed on Him. 21 And He began to say to them, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”
    Thank you Sara & Wayne for letting your light shine that we, the beloved might be set free!! You are amazing and loved!!
    Spencer Tang

    1. I love that stuff about deep pain and condemnation being like alert lights to invite us to dig deep with God. He heals best when we know that we’re hurting and need his care.

  4. It is has been one of the most awesome experiences of my life to be able to hear your remarkable story! Thank you so much for your honesty, openness and trusting people like me with your deepest feelings and experiences. God is immense, the way He works incredible! I so look forward to the podcasts. Bless you!!!

    1. I’m not so sure we “trusted” people with our story. Some have already abused our story to advance their own agenda. But we didn’t tell it for them. We told it for those who needed the encouragement and help to deepen their own freedom and healing. Honestly, what things appear to be matters little to God. He only cares about the reality of things. We have been truly blessed in this story and in the sharing of it with so many of you who have been touched by it.

  5. Omgosh!! All of the sudden I feel a need to catch up on so much that has been going on with you! Thru the years we have caught some of your episodes and read some of your blogs and I have read a couple of your books.
    But now, you have touched a nerve in me about compassion less people because I used to be one and now I am the recipient! Thanks for being so open and honest and I pray that this wild be a great new journey for you and your life. Fresh surroundings, new relationships, and the unknowing future always sounds like a God journey to me❤️

  6. Will be interested in keeping up with your travels. Would be glad to meet up in KY. Natural Bridge State Park is in a beautiful area and has RV parking I assume. It has nice hiking trails and views. It’s about an hour from us. You did make room in the RV for your golf clubs, didn’t you?

  7. So happy for you both, as you press on towards the new adventure God has instore, I cannot put into words all that you both have shared recently, the impact the tears for the suffering you both have lived through, it would take to much of your time, I just feel so much love and respect for the courage you’ve shown us all, in the telling of this. SARA (((huge hugs)))) I can’t but will 😁❤ wait to meet you and hug for real, even if its only one day up yonder stay the course you two and enjoy this “Breath of Fresh Air” hehe Wayne 😁❤🤗 tones of love xo

    1. Thanks, Darlene. We appreciate so much what you express here and what so many others have shared with us. It has really encouraged my wife’s journey… and mine!

  8. My husband and I are devouring your book, He Loves Me!. Second or third time! Just now looked up Lifestream and will be reading your blog to catch up. If you are in the Wichita, Kansas area you are welcome at our home or a tank of gas and a meal. We have a story. In Christ, Ken and Jeanie

      1. Thanks for reply, doesn’t matter when, you will always be welcome. We will note your travels and if possible track you down and perhaps come to a gathering. Thanks for your message, blessings to you and your wife. Jeanie and Ken Grief

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