German Version of Living Loved

The following links are not translations of the original Transitions teaching, but they are recordings of Wayne teaching similar material in various languages where he was being translated.

The following set of audio files contains teaching Wayne did on The Cross, to a French speaking audience.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

3 thoughts on “German Version of Living Loved”

  1. Hi there! My name is Maria. I live in germany, near tschech Republik. I thought, you preached in germany, these sessions about be loved, live loved – to german people – not frensch people…
    I don’t geht this, what you are preaching, Wayne! I wrote you already a couple years ago. And i think you wrote me back. Thanx!
    We are now away from church, since 2012, i think. We are away from “ministrie” since 2014.
    The last five years were really hard and heavy! And the last 6 month i ask God almost every day, to show me His love and to help me trusting Him in different areas in my life, in our marriage. Sometimes i could already feel Gods love for me! But in other times i think, why i dont feel or hear Him at all? I always thought, that my relatoinship to God, Jesus is really special! I was not so aware about God the father, but with Jesus it was really cool! I loved Him so much! Since i started last year listen to your preachings, which you held with Uwe Dahlke and other preacher – all changed.. And now everything is shatterd!!! And so many times i ask God, what i’m doing wrong, that i don’t catch it?! Ja, i really wanna have such a cool relationship with God like you have! I wanna trust HIM! But there is so much unbelieve in me, and so many prayers for my healing are not answered… I thought, that Jesus bought healing for us at the cross?! I thought,the love of God is already poured out in out hearts?! It feels and sounds like everything i learned about the cross, about the good news is garbage… I have to start somewhere new, but i don’t know really where….
    Is there a possibility, that when you come to Europe this year, that you could come over to us in Germany? You can stay with us at our place. We have an Appartement where you and your wife can stay without paying. I’m sorry that i cannot pay you the flight or your time, if you would stay with us.. I’ ll try that you could speak in a community with musicans and other creative people. It’s called “schloss (castle) Röhrsdorf. It’s not so far away from us and Dresden is also not so far away from here.
    And there is a Starbucks in Dresden! Also Prag, the capitol City from tschech Republik is just 2 hours from out home. And the beautiful austria, where i came from, is also not so far away.
    I am handycaped and i have still a lot of problems with my soul (they say depressions, but maybe it’s something totally different?)and i have a lot oft pain… We prayed so often for healing! Ja, sometimes things got a little bit better – but not so long and it got’s more worse…
    I would love to heat from you! Please, could you pray for me, that God will show me how much HE loves me and that i can see it? I have so many times now, where i don’t know what to pray or to say to HIM…
    Greetings from a cold Sebnitz and a sad women.

    1. Hi Maria. Thank you for your invitation. It is certainly something we can pray about and see what Father might have in his heart. I have a number of things to consider at this point and looking for the clarity of the Spirit as to where he wants me during this time. I’m sorry you feel that you did not catch it. I do pray that you’ll be able to relax into his love and care. Don’t strive to earn it, you already have it whether you see it or not yet. Sometimes our expectations can get in the way, or we have our eyes looking in the wrong directions. He will help you with this. Call out to him. Ask him to reveal his love to you. I pray that for you as well…

  2. Hi Wayne! Thank you so much for your answer!!! And that you prayed for me! I realy appreciate that! Ja, i’m learning to relax… It’s not so easy always…

    Thanx a lot! Maria

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