French Version of The Cross

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The following links are not translations of the original Transitions teaching, but they are recordings of Wayne teaching similar material in various languages where he was being translated.

The following set of audio files contains teaching Wayne did on The Cross, to a French speaking audience.

Session 1: Ce que Jésus est venu faire à la croix

(“What Jesus Came to Do” on the Cross)

Session 2: Une conversation sur la Croix

(“A Conversation About” the Cross)

Session 3: Vivre une relation avec le Père

(“Having a Relationship With the Father”)

Session 4: Une Conversation propos de la relation avec Dieu

(“A Conversation About Relationship With God”)

Session 5: Le pouvoir transformateur de l’amour

(The Transforming Power of Love)


3 thoughts on “French Version of The Cross”

  1. Thank You for giving us teaching translate in french. We have been deeply impact by your book “he loves me “.
    We are so blessed and in way to receive healing after years of fear to be rejected by God.

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