Engage #6: Becoming an Active Learner

We are used to being spoon-fed what others think we ought to know about God. Until we take responsibility for our own journey, we’ll never learn to look to him to teach us.

Engage is our unfolding video series designed to equip and encourage people to explore their own relationship with God. We are adding a new video every two weeks on Wednesday. Of course the most important part of this process is not the videos, but the time and focus you’ll give between them to learn the joy of letting God show you how he wants to build a relationship with you. Living loved is not a matter of embracing a different set of principles about God. Living loved is the fruit of growing in the “knowing” of God, learning to sense his presence in our life and to cultivate an ongoing conversation with him about what’s going on in your life. As that unfolds, or if you have specific questions you’d like to ask me, feel free to use the comment section of this blog because lots of others will probably be interested in the answer as well.