Change, Change, Change!

They say no one likes change except a wet baby. I remember using that line in a sermon years ago to great laughs. It’s not so funny anymore. I’ve actually come to enjoy change, well at least most of them.

No, I don’t enjoy when Sara moves things in the house from their usual spot and I can’t find them anymore. There I like familiarity. But in my own life and those around me, I’ve come to enjoy the changes that result from a growing confidence with the Father’s affection and engagement with him.  There will be more on this on the next episode of The God Journey Podcast.  Certainly the process isn’t easy, and in fact can be downright painful but the fruit of the process eventually overwhelms any pain.  When new freedoms emerge and people learn to live in his flow of love and grace, they feel as if a huge weight has fallen off their shoulders.  Many didn’t even realize they were carrying it. They notice it more when it’s gone and they can engage the ups and downs of life is so much lighter and more relaxed.

Of course not everyone around you will like those changes. They may miss the old you, or better said, what they could manipulate about the old you. One of the wonderful things Jesus’ church does in the world is to celebrate change with others and makes room it even if the relationship shifts a little. That’s how people and relationships grow, and the kingdom is about growth not stagnation.

None of that has anything to do with what I want to share today about some new changes at Lifestream, though. We had to rebuild our website due to some problems with the old platform we switched to three years ago and didn’t turn out to do for us what I was promised. So, we had to change again. Fortunately we’ve been able to keep most everything in the same place and I hope it will be an easier site to navigate. So hopefully this change isn’t all bad either.  We will continue to make some adjustments to the format for the next couple of weeks, but most you won’t notice.

The major change comes in our mailing list. Since we won’t be posting new issues of our newsletter anymore we folded all of our email lists together. For those who have subscribed to Lifestream News, Travel Updates, and the newsletter you will now receive all notices from Lifestream, which total about 3 or 4 per year, plus a notification if I’m traveling within 150 miles of where you live.  If you don’t wish to subscribe to that, just “unsubscribe” the next time you receive one of our emails, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this is to you.

In addition, you can also subscribe to my blogs on their respective websites at, or  The sign up is in the upper right at Lifestream and Finding Church and on the lower left at The God Journey.  When you register your email, you will receive any new postings by email.  It’s a great way to keep up with all that’s going on around here

Unfortunately, since we switched platforms for our e-commerce we could not import your ordering details. The next time you order from us, you will need to register a new account with your shipping details.  Yes, that’s a hassle and I’m sorry.  Once we get through this transition, however, I’m convinced will offer a better experience for those who find the resources here to be of help and encouragement to their journey.

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