Engaging Him

Connecting with the Jesus and his Father as he makes himself known to you was meant to be the simplest thing in the world, until our religious approaches got us all twisted up in our own performance and we [...]

My Favorite Book

Saw this quote the other day, and it rings so true for me: The most familiar books reveal more about themselves when we attend to them anew. And our growing experience allows us to approach our favorites from different [...]

I Hope to Lose, Too!

Someone posted this little story on our God Journey blog this past week. I’ve not heard this story before, but I love what it says and found my heart screaming, “Me too!” A wise man was once asked, “Do you wrestle [...]

A Total Game Changer

Some emails really do make my day…. I was an honors graduate from the seminary at Regent University and spent 15 years in pastoral ministry. I had given up a successful career as a television writer-producer to enter seminary. I [...]

An Audience of One

Sara and I saw a movie recently about two national figures who had acted honorably even though most people didn’t think so. They were the victims of false assumptions and accusations by people who didn’t know what was true [...]

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