Back from New Zealand

I’m back from New Zealand and taking a couple of days off to catch my breath and to catch up with the family. I’ll probably write more later, or talk some about it on the podcast this week. But until then you can read about our Saturday gathering in Auckland.

The man who organized my time in Auckland wrote, “Thanks again for the wonderful time that we had with you. You have given us enough to “work on” (probably not the right terminology, but you know what I mean), for the next 10 years. However, I hope that it is not that long before we see you (and Sara?) again.”

As much as I enjoyed the larger conversations on this trip, what really captured me was the more personal conversations with twos or threes that spontaneously emerged as days unfolded. I had gone to New Zealand to meet personally with two men whose journeys I truly admire, but God also put me in the midst of a number of intense situations in people’s lives, many too personal to even disclose, and then revealed himself in marvelous ways to bring hope and healing. It makes me smile with joy today just thinking back over the trip. It was so much fun to be alongside Jesus as he was doing his work.