A Dad and His Son

January 22 

The father and son in the photo are obviously delighted with each other and the photo perfectly captures the joy, wonder, and affection that God wants to share with his children.

“I’m a long way from that,” Glenn admitted after I had a chance to let the picture sink in, “but I know he is calling me to be just like that little boy.”

I know what he meant because I’d been down that road. Learning to be so at peace in the Father’s presence, so secure in his care, and so ready to enjoy the day with him, was a long journey for me.

“That’s me!” Glenn finally said. “The little boy there! I was two years old.” My head shot up in surprise. I had not even considered that this was a family photo. “My father died of a heart condition within two months of that picture. I have no memory of him, only this picture. Now I want to know my heavenly Father with the same simplicity and joy.”

No this isn’t the relationship God asks of us, but the one he had already been at work to produce in us. “We know love,” John wrote, “only because he loved us first.”


God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.
1 John 4:16 (NIV)



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1 thought on “A Dad and His Son”

  1. Wayne, now that photo of dad and me goes back 71 years as I will soon be 74.
    My older brother Will still lives in that house so on occasion I have stood in that place (minus the tree) as a grown man with a son and daughter and four grandchildren of my own so now I can feel what the love my father felt then was. Just as amazing only more so. Thank you for including this story in your book, old friend!

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