You Gotta Love Grace!

A friend of mine attended two days of the recent National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Orlando, Florida. This brings together all the media people who seek to address the Christian audience. I guess they are as religious as their name portends. This was my friends report after walking around at the exhibits and listening to all the sales chatter.

Christianity in America is totally lost—so shame-based and twisted as evidenced by the books being peddled and the TV programs they were pushing.”

I’ve been in places like that in times past. If you ever go you’ll understand better Jesus’ frame of mind when he saw all the moneychangers and commerce going on in his Father’s temple. There is much many of those folks wouldn’t do for a dollar or a chance to expand their ‘market share.’

As bleak as his assessment was, however, he surrounded his comments with a few interesting asides.

Amazing how the whole environment did not bother me as much as it did the last time I was there….


At some point it is going to change… I think another generation is coming.

I was surprised that he saw it as far worse than before, but also that it didn’t bother him as much and had hope even beyond it. I asked about that and here’s his reply:

(I think I) less identified with it, is the phrase that fits best with my perception at this point. I also felt a tremendous freedom not to convince anyone there of anything. And I had a real sense that everyone is on their own journey, yet comforted by the fact that it is the same God that loves us. So, the word that comes to mind is “trust.” Trusting him with my journey and the journey of those around me.

You’ve got to love grace. Besides, this wasn’t Father’s temple, it was just a convention center built by people to host such activities.

On an unrelated note, I’m off to Central California today to a mountain retreat to help some men understand the cross and the implication of God’s love for them. You can pray for us all if you like!