What About Starting a Group?

I’m appreciating all the feedback I’m getting on Finding Church.  I had an interesting conversation just this morning with someone who stopped by that I will tell you about down the road.  Copies continue to fly off the shelves and interest remains strong at Amazon, which is our only outlet for the print version, though the e-book is available everywhere.  Hopefully by the end of November we will also have the audio book available for download as well as CD packages.  

For those who come to the Lifestrearm Blog frequently I want to remind you that I am also posting blog content on Finding Church at our companion website, FindingChurch.com.  I told you for awhile I’d post about them here too in case people want to keep up on all my blogging.  Yes, sorry.  I’m now doing it at three places:  Here at Lifestream, TheGodJourney, and now FindingChurch.com.  All of them have a different emphasis and at times engage a different audience.  I find all of them very helpful to invite people into a dialog about the things that matter, through comments and sharing emails that I know others will have an interest in.  You can subscribe to any of my blogs so that you can receive them as emails rather than checking in at the website constantly.  You can also “like” their pages on Facebook to get notices in your news feed:  Wayne Jacobsen (author) for Lifestream, The God Journey, or Finding Church.  I hope that helps.  

Today at FindingChurch.com, I help someone wrestle with the content of Chapter 14, Gatherings without Meetings.  Many people who are used to meeting every week for some kind of “fellowship” with others, often feel the need to replace that in their life with a new group, be it a house church, organic church, or some other kind of fellowship meeting.  One young man asked me whether I thought all scheduled get-togethers suffer.   I answer his question here.