What A Restful Weekend

I’m a bit behind on email, so please don’t give up hope if you’re waiting for a reply. I’ll get to you. I’m editing a book now and that has got me busy, but I had the most incredible weekend. For the first time in a long time, I just hung out with Sara. We did do some yard work in her growing garden in the back (not my favorite thing) and spent some time with my son who came home unexpectedly. It was great and needed. Without periodic times away from everything lifejust bogs us down. We weren’t made to keep rushing from one thing to the next. Sometimes it is so good to just sit back and do nothing! It was that kind of weekend for me.

Don’t miss the latest God Journey podcast. I interviewed some wonderful brothers from Ireland and they tell their story of how God called them to dismantle the growing institution they had 25years ago and taught them to live as his community in and around Dublin. It’s a fabulous story. It is similar to the Fairlee story I told some years ago…

I also got a call from NPR (National Public Radio) that did an interview on the recent goings on at BridgeBuilders and are supposed to play some bits of that on their Wednesday morning show, ‘Morning Edition’ but don’t hold me to that. If they put it on the web, I’ll try to enclose a link later. [Update 4/26 – Link to NPR story. Click on the ‘listen’ button at the top of the page.]