Two New Interviews

I love talking about two things:  What does it mean to live in the affection of the Father and what does the church look like if it was a community of people sharing the Father’s affection and not distorted by the institutional priorities that often mar her beauty.  Last week I got to do both. 

I was a guest on Brian Holmes podcast talking about HE LOVES ME.  In my opinion the material in this book is the most important issue I help people deal with.  While “God is love” is the most certain of our theological underpinnings, most people do not wake up every morning confident that God loves them more than anyone on this planet every has or ever will, that he will work in their life that day for their good, and that they can walk with him in a real and tangible way.  Brian and I get to process that together.  If you haven’t read the book you can order it here.  If you’re having trouble learning connecting to the way God makes himself known in your life, you might try our Engage videos, a free resource to help discover the relationship God is building with you. 

I also did an intervidw on Finding Church for iHeart Radio.  Unfortunately too many Christians think the only way to follow Jesus is by attending a local congregation that claims to be his church.  While his church can often make itself known there, there are so many other ways and places where God expresses his family as well.  Wayne talks about the growing trend of people from all walks of life who are no longer engaged in a traditional congregation and why they are finding that an institution is not the only place to celebrate the unity, encouragement and cammaradarie of the Body of Christ in the world.  

For those of you concerned that I’m not blogging enough here, I’m also blogging at  If you liked our Facebook Page or subsribe to the blog, you’ll be notified when I post a new blog. And I’m posting a new poem on the Finding Church blog today that will invite you into some really enthralling space about God’s church in the world.