The Book is Here!

My latest book, So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, has arrived from the printer and all the pre-orders have gone out. So they should be arriving soon. Thanks to so many of you for your help and patience as we sorted out this book. They arrived just as I left for Portland so I did get to take some with me. So my small, but dedicated office staff, worked on them yesterday to make sure we could get them on their way long before our release date.

We have heard from so many people who have been deeply impacted by this book and are amazed and blessed at how far it has traveled via the Internet. I thought I’d share with you bits of a few of those that have been such an encouragement to us:

Jake has given me a voice and a vocabulary for things that have been stirring inside my heart for many years. Stephen in Illinois

I appreciate that this book is not “church bashingâ€, but that it is Christ exalting. Thank you for giving words to feelings that I have had for so long, yet have not been able to express. Sarah in Arizona

My husband read your story and is a changed man! He’s struggled with guilt and just not measuring up. He’s never gotten the ‘relationship’ part of it. He’s got it now! He’s been on cloud nine the last few days. Heather by email

Terrific story, I am recommending it to our pioneer church planters around the world. — Brian, Director, International missions organization

Exceptional story that will make you laugh, cry, and be in awe of the love that Father has for ALL His children! It will challenge you to rethink what ‘church’ is all about! — Chris, a student at East Tennessee State University

To anyone who is wondering if God still moves among us as He did in the Bible, here is a story to show the truth—He does! It spoke to something so deep inside me that I couldn’t relax until I reached the end. and even then I knew it was just the beginning. — Jillene, Camp Director, New York

This book has proven to be the most radically confirming piece of literature I have ever read. –Becky

Searching for GOD’S truth is stranger than fiction. —Dottie, a searcher, Orlando, Florida

You can order the book from Don’t let the author’s name, Jake Colsen, confuse you. That was the synonym my co-writer, Dave Coleman and I used to tell this little tale.