Off to Virginia, North Carolina, and Maine (Eventually)!

After an awesome month at home, I’ll be headed out this week to Virginia and North Carolina.  I so enjoy the people I get to meet when I travel and realize how precious it is to get to spend so much time with people on this incredible journey of learning to live loved, and learning to let Jesus take shape in them as they engage the world.

This past Saturday afternoon, I was in one of those conversations in my home with a group of people who had previously not met each other.  What a joy it is to plumb the depths of so many topics and issues that help us live as Jesus’ disciples in the earth!  These are teaching sessions in the best sense, not people listening to lectures, but taking part in a conversation that is as illuminating as it is encouraging, where people can speak freely about the questions and struggles of their own journey without feeling judged.  It was a rich and rewarding afternoon to be sure.

This coming weekend I will be in Norfolk, VA, and Richmond, VA.  After that I’m going to find my way down to Raleigh to hang out with some people I barely got to meet last time I was there. They wanted to know if I’d come back for more conversations.  I’m excited about that.  If you are in that area and want to join us, please see my Travel Page for all the contact details. Since most of our meetings are in homes, I don’t publish those addresses online. Also it helps for the homeowners to know how many people are coming. In Raleigh, our open time for others is Saturday afternoon and evening.

After that, I’ll be taking a vacation with my whole family. Sara and I are really looking forward to ten days with our kids and grandkids.  After that, I’ll turn up in Winthrop, ME in mid-July, where I’ve been asked to anchor a retreat of campers at a Christian campground there.  It’s open to anyone who wants to come for the weekend of July 13-15. I’ll be sharing on Friday night, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning as well as hanging around for conversation all through the day.  You can get more information on the campground here. Come join us if you’re nearby. I can remain in New England a bit longer, so if anything is in your heart that direction, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

After that, I’m till not certain where the wind will blow. I am considering opportunities in Kelowna, BC and Calgary, AB.  Hey, I like hanging with Canadians, too!

I enjoy traveling the way I do. I don’t plan long in advance, nor do I have to fit in a bunch of conferences where I speak at people for an hour or so. I get to be with people as the Spirit seems to arrange things and so often find myself just at the right time with people who need what he’s given me to share.  I am always amazed at how he times those things and let’s us know how to fit into his plans. Honestly, it’s freaky sometimes.

And for those of you who want to be notified if I’m planning a trip to your area, you can always sign up for Travel Updates on our email list by including your name and address. That way you’ll get an email if something is coming together near where you live.

7 thoughts on “Off to Virginia, North Carolina, and Maine (Eventually)!”

  1. I live an hr away from Winthrop…any chance non-campers of that establishment can be there too when you come up to Maine?

    1. Yes, people are welcome to drop in from the outside. This isn’t a “Christian Camp” with a program and all, just a campground owned by Christians who occasionally have some seminar type stuff available to the campers. You’d be more thankful welcome.

  2. Hey… if you are coming back to Calgary… I may have to do a road trip… I have a friend in Calgary I know would like to meet you.. She is the woman who gave me a book over ten years ago that started me on this journey. That’s right. My friend Cherie is the one who gave me the Shack book which eventually got me connected with the God Journey podcast.

    I will have to keep my eyes open…

    ps. Calgary was my home for 14 years. I am always looking for an excuse to visit.

  3. So glad you are coming to the great State of Maine. I just enjoy your book “So You Don’t Like to go to Church”. What an eyeopener and not anything like the title suggests. Looking forward, Lord willing, to meeting you and hear you speak.

  4. Would love to connect up with you when you’re in our neck of the woods. The campground is about 3 hour north of us in MA though. Let’s correspond and see what can happen.

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