No More Prozac!

I love what Jesus does to transform people from the onerous burden of religious obligation, with its requisite demands for performance and overwhelming guilt. I got this email the other day from a mother who was part of a time I had with a group of believers this summer. The ‘bit about the cross’ that she refers to was the teaching of the cross that is very similar to our Transition series. This is the freedom that he wants us all to find in him. I’m so blessed at what this woman took to heart and how God is working it into her.

That bit about the cross, so simple really, but so hidden and so huge. The week before I left for (my time with you) I was talking to my husband about going on Prozac again. I was sick of battling all the shame, bitterness, and hurtful thoughts. I’d prayed prayers of confession and forgiveness. I’d rebuked everything I could rebuke. It seems like in an instant all of that chatter was finally quiet. For the days following my simple life of mothering tasks had new color.

I’ve had some bouts of anxiety too. Not tied to anything specific. I think I’m trying to learn to skate away from the wall and I’m afraid I’ll fall. God asked me to quit my job and to spend a Sabbatical year with Him. My good husband is behind this year completely. It’s the first year of my life as long as I can remember without an agenda. Wayne, I think I’m still afraid I’ll screw it up!! Lord I believe help my unbelief.

I assured her she would screw it up at some point. We all do. The joy comes in knowing we can’t screw it up so badly that he can’t make himself known in it and use it for his glory anyway…