More Help Needed in Kenya

A few months ago we were able to respond to the crisis in Kenya that resulted from tribal violence following a contested election. The circumstances have quieted and many people have been able to return home. But the brothers and sisters God linked us with in Kitale are still taking care of about 400 families who cannot return home. Their food and supplies are running low. I received this from our friend there this week:

Greetings in holy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your prayers and for more concern with your team towards our brothers and sisters. We would like to appreciate very much for your great (giving) towards our brothers and sisters. The Lord is doing a new thing. More of our affected people are returning to their places. This was started this week on Monday. Around four hundred families still need our help because their areas are not secure to be settled and they have camped in the churches and in the houses of our saints and for good Samaritan.

It may be 8 months before they can resettle. Our team has worked out to visit every family and to write the details and domestic needs. It has taken a long time to complete the list we have send to you for brothers there to continue praying for these people. The last support you send our team managed to support those who were worse than others which is about 30 families as you may see in the list. After the interviewing they reached an agreement of supporting each one of the 3200 so that they may have a place and to buy what they needed.The usefulness of the money, divided among 30 families. We still need your prayers. Everything here is so expensive and if God opens a way we could use some more support. If we can get 70 bags of maize, it will save other children and those who are starving with old age.

May the Lord bless you so much for your with the entire team there for standing with us in this hard time where our country has experienced for the first time. we are still praying for you, and we know that God is in control.

Over the first three months of this year we were able to send almost $15,000.00 to help in this crisis. I am simply putting the call out there again for any who would like to pray for them or send money to help with this great need. Every dime sent to us will go directly to those who need it. Nothing will be taken out for administration on this end or that one. If God puts it on your heart to send something, please go to our Invoice Page and click on the ‘Pay Invoice’ button. You can then list “Donation for Kenya” and the amount you’d like to give. If you use the ‘Donation’ button you will need to also send me an email letting me know you wanted this to go for Kenya and not for Lifestream. All donations to this cause are tax deductible.

Or, if you prefer, you can also send a check to Lifestream • 7228 University Dr. • Moorpark, CA 93021.

Thank you for giving this need your time and attention.