Loving Without Intimidation

I saw this paragraph in an email sent to me today and I loved it:

We all feel ready again to be alongside & encourage our brothers & sisters – no matter what their particular preference/understanding is of ‘church’ or ‘mission’ – without feeling intimidated or insecure in our own journey. Our desire now is not just for ‘like-minded people’ to join us in our comfort zone (he never gave them to us, anyway!). In retrospect the ‘time out’ alone with him – this last 3 years or so – has been really vital, causing more & more of the religious stuff in our lives to wither, dry up and finally (we hope) to drop off!

I love the freedom that this journey brings to people, who no longer feel the need for like-minded people to join their comfort zone, but to be free to love people wherever they are in this journey. They now have the freedom to live openly and honestly without feeling intimidated or insecure. That’s awesome!

And I love the recognition of progress here. This is not a place they’ve come to as some applied intellectual conclusion. This is what Father has produced in them over time where they’ve just been with him letting him wither away all the religious stuff that really keeps us from loving people. This has brought them into a more spacious place of freedom, where it isn’t about what we need, but how we have been fitted to love others…